April 18, 2014

SUP, hikes, and trails. Picky Pictures of the week!

It's already Friday again! Phewf. Picky Pictures for the week involve lots of adventure. Whether peeps are hiking, camping, or meditating they are doing it in nature and we feel inspired. Make sure to tag #pickylife in your instagram photos and we will be sure to consider your photos next week!



April 16, 2014

Jasyoga Pose for Marathon Month: Hit Reset Anytime, Anywhere.

As part of our partnership, Jasyoga has taken on the fun job of guest blogging for us once a month. Wahoo! Since this month is marathon month, we are learnin' about how to #hitreset anywhere. Recovery is immensely important for the marathon, but also in everyday life! Read the article below to understand the importance of recovering with 'legs up.' We encourage you to try this at home after your next workout.

Picky OMies! By now, you’ve probably seen pics of our crew rocking Legs Up the Wall. “Why,” you ask? This pose packs an epic punch of recovery: It recirculates the blood and any excess fluid in the legs, relaxes the low back and feet, promotes hamstring flexibility, and much more! And, lets be real: recovery is just as important as equally productive as all your hard work.

So, hit up Legs Up the Wall daily — just 5–10 minutes will make a significant impact on the way you recover, and in turn the way you feel and perform. Post-workout is optimal, however don’t be shy about inverting anytime, anywhere, which is one of the best things about this pose. Go rogue and get after it!


  1. Just what it sounds like: Lie on your back and put your legs up the wall (or bars or fence or chair or whatever you can find!).

  2. Get as close to the wall as you comfortably can with your butt still on the floor.

  3. Keep your knees bent a little and turn your feet away from each other slightly.

  4. If your legs feel like they’re “engaging,” back away from the wall until your legs feel more relaxed.

  5. Rest your arms in a goalpost shape or along your sides with your palms facing up.

  6. BONUS: Find a spot with a view!

Contest: Take a picture and share on Instagram and Twitter with @pickybars @jasyoga #hitreset and the winner for most creative photo wins a special edition Jasyoga Seattle/London t-shirt and a Picky Bar! Boom.


April 14, 2014

Picky Picks: Handcrafted Picks to Inspire

It's Monday again! Whammy, just like that we are ready to start off our week with the best foot forward. Read the 'Picky Picks' to get yourself amped up on happiness for the most productive and awesome week possible.


1. How to pack a Trail Running bag. Dudes, this is important stuff here.


2. Do people still send a message in a bottle? I certainly hope so. A 100 year old message was found off the Baltic Sea.


3. This amazing couple is hiking the PCT in two weeks. Follow their journey and be inspired!


4. Which coffee shop dominates your city? 


5. Jarryd Wallace inspired all of us when we watched this video. Geez man.


6. It's M-M-M-Marathon Month! What are you gonna do about it?

7."You may win a theoretical 'who's fitter' argument but your buddy could still beat you in a race."  Because sometimes it really does come down to who has more heart, not just a lower RHR.


8. 'A cup or two of excellent health.' As if we needed even more reason to drink delicious cups of coffee. 


9. Adult copper tree houses? Yes, please.


10. Lastly, this video from 500 Days of Summer. Because it's spring, there is sunshine, and every day feels a little (A LOT) happier.


Those are the picks for this week! Stay tuned or submit suggestions by following @pickybars on Twitter.

April 11, 2014

Picky Pictures: People be Rad; People be Livin'.

It's the nicest week of the year so far. At least out West it is! This peeps know how to take advantage of the sunshine and have some serious #PickyLife adventures. Get inspired to inspire!  


Don't forget to tag your pictures #PickyLife so we can consider you for Picky pictures next week. Boomdizzler.  

April 10, 2014

Julia + Phil's PCT Adventure: Preparations

When a couple of native Oregonians contacted us to share their shared lifelong dream of hiking the PCT we were stoked! Needed to know more. This couple is choosing to live the #PickyLife in a hardcore way and the chance to follow them and share their story is both rare and beautiful. Life finally handed them the opportunity to do the hike and they will be leaving for the trek in 2 weeks! Julia + Phil got in touch with Picky Bars and we have been able to learn a bit more about what inspired their journey and how they plan to take on this huge adventure! Julia agreed to let us follow their journey and we will be doing a series of blogs on the two over the course of their trip. The first blog will be about how they decided to go on the trip, preparations, and all the last minute shenanigans before leaving.


(photo of Julia and Phil hiking Mt. Fuji last September)


The duo are regular adventure seekers and much of their time together has involved hiking, biking, running, camping, and all the likes! The PCT hike appeals in the sense that they will be able to stretch their mental and physical limits, reflect on life, and truly live. A chance to take the time for self examination and challenge. There are all sorts of things to be precarious of. But dang, these two seem pretty prepared. They have examined the possibilities that there will be times when they want to quit and give up. There will be some days when they want a bed and a shower more than anything. The great amounts of time together in tough conditions will certainly test their relationship and how they treat one another. And they are ready for all of it! Booyah.


(At Glacier National Park)


In life, if you are truly choosing to live there will never be a situation where you feel 100% confident and prepared. You can prepare incredibly well but you always have to take the plunge. It sounds like Julia + Phil have done just this. After reading many books and blogs and speaking with previous hikers they have gained great insight and knowledge on the extreme conditions of this endeavor. They are ready to 'look homeless most of the time' and to experience things that are unplanned. 


Loveliest quote from Julia:


"I am drawn to the physical, mental, and emotional challenge that a thru-hike entails, and I love the freedom, beauty, and community - either with others or with myself - that hiking provides. I want to experience the highs and lows of long-distance hiking: the monotony of the twenty-mile days, the rain, snow, heat, and fatigue, but also the incredible beauty of my surroundings and the freedom of doing nothing but hiking each day."


(Practicing camping with their tents & dog in the backyard)


So there you have it. Julia + Phil are some of the coolest peeps. We are so excited to get to follow their journey and live vicariously through them in some ways. Keep following along the Picky Blog for a documentation of the different stages of their journey. And please donate to the cause as well! They will be raising money for Pacific Crest Trail Association along the way to support the organization that keeps the trail alive. Donate here!



April 07, 2014

Picky Picks: Drink Coffee, enlighten yourself, and beat the Mondays.

1. 'Coffee and 24 other Perfect Things.' Yes, please.

2. News just in. Drone hits triathlete in Australia. Let's hope this wasn't the Picky Bars drone? Thankfully the athlete is safe!


3. National PB & J day happened last week. How did you celebrate? Check out this website, the PB & J campaign. They are environmental earth conscious conservationists. Rad.


4.Yosemite reopens areas burned by wildfire. Just in time for summer dude!

5. Just discovered Vancouver is only a one hour flight from Bend. Have ya'all been? Any trail or hike recommendations?


6. '10 best places for Outdoorsy folks to live.' Yes, Bend is on here. No, that's not why we are posting the article. 

7. Okay, it's warm out. Bomb dignity. 'Best mountain bikes when your on a budget.'


8. How do you start the day? Want to make that better? Here are dozens upon dozens of creative oatmeal jams to get you moving and shakin'.


9.  'How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues.'


10. Weather all over the country is improving. Excitement builds for kayaking + hiking + camping + etc. What are you thirsting to get out and do?

April 04, 2014

Picky Pictures: We Love Mountains.

It's Friday! If you can't tell, we get pretty excited about the weekend here at Picky HQ. This week's pictures involve lots of nature and mountains (o wait, that's every week). If excitement isn't already flowing through your veins than get caffeinated and get out to do what inspires you. Don't forget to hashtag #pickylife so we can use your photo next week! Enjoy the playground that is nature.


April 03, 2014

April Picky Games: Bust A Move

Month 3 of the Picky Games is here! We invite you all to put on your dancin' shoes and bust a move to score points for your team! In your Picky Bars shipment this month you will receive instructions, but if you want to get a head start we have a bit of inspiration for you here. Don't forget to hashtag #pickygames and either #teamgreen or #teampurple. 

This 'Crazy in Love' Beyonce dance cover will have you up and moving! Any motivated Picky Clubbers feel up to taking on this task? Double points if you can do it!



A playlist to get your grooves going (also accessible by following 'pickybars ' on spotify):

I Wanna Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston

Baby Got Back- Sir Mix A Lot

Push It- Salt-N-Pepa

I'm Too Sexy- Right Said Fred

Everybody Dance Now- C&C Music Factory

Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice

Air Force Ones- Nelly

Brick House- Commodores 

Do Your Thing- Basement Jaxx

Chain of Fools- Aretha Franklin

Hips Don't Life- Shakira

Jump Around- House of Pain

Can't Touch This- MC Hammer

Livin' La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin

Bye Bye Bye- Nsync


This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more rad dance videos, music, photos, and videos. Keep uploading your dance pictures and videos to score points for your team! 

April 02, 2014

Film: Desert Runners (Discount Code Included!)

Over the last week we had the chance to speak with Jennifer Steinman, director of the film Desert Runners.  This woman documented four people who decided to take on the most difficult ultra marathon on Earth. Each runner aspired to run 1,000k across 4 of the world's deserts in incredibly treacherous conditions. To us this seems crazy, radical, inspiring, and scary. While speaking with Jennifer I was able to gain a sense of why these people were doing this, why it meant so much more to these people than moving their legs forward for1,000k, and why we at Picky Bars think everyone has something to gain from watching this film.

After speaking with Jennifer we decided we needed to have a Picky movie session. And we were blown away. Not only by the most gnarly blisters we have ever seen or the fact that the longest day of the race was 100k. But that these people were choosing to do this. We learned some life lessons in the midst of our warehouse office about life. Life just keeps going. Some stuff happens that we don't plan on and would never ask for. But we have to keep on going. We can each choose to pursue tenacity and use our mental strength to tackle the walls that we are put up against. Just as these runners did in this race we can choose to do every day in our lives.

The film is about so much more than running. Why do some people think they can do things when other people can't? What makes an ordinary person think they can take on such an astounding feat? How do people decide to do this? These are questions we all ask and are able to learn more about through this film. When Jennifer met a 56 year old man, Dave, she was shocked when he described this desert ultra-marathon feat he was about to take on. And she wanted to document it. The struggles, victories, chaos, and freedom that were found along the way. 

Upon arriving at the first desert, the filmmakers realized there were many people taking on the same feat. What?! There is so little recognition, so little fame, so much grit. Why are these people running? It became pertinent to document more than just Dave. Everyone was running towards the same goal for a different reason.

It is a beautiful story of passion and defeat to watch people work to achieve a goal that interrupts every aspect of their life. To keep on going to relentlessly pursue their dreams. All they can control is the mental capacity to keep moving forward. In the desert there are so many times when you are completely broken down and have to make some very tough decisions in order to prevail. Jennifer noted, "It is 100% mental. The race has nothing to do with fitness. You have some of the fittest people out there running who don't finish the race, and because of mentality there are some people who appear to be unfit that are finishing this 1,000k through the deserts." 

The thing that set them apart? "They always believed they would make it. Dang!! Watching this film was time well spent. Just being able to learn a couple of the lessons these runners learned along their journey was a privilege and one that we recommend you take advantage of. Desert Runners will motivate you to achieve and pursue whatever life goal you have set before you by equipping you with motivation for mental capacity.

Watch a trailer for the film here. ***If you enter the discount code 'pickybars' you will receive 10% off the film when purchased here: http://www.desertrunnersmovie.com/



April 01, 2014



Picky Bars is proud to announce a breakthrough in it's R&D Lab which it believes will soon lead to personal Picky Bar delivery for it's monthly Picky Club subscribers.


"There's been a lot of talk in the e-commerce industry and millions of dollars of investment into personal delivery, specifically with the use of unmanned aircraft," said CEO & Co-Founder Jesse Thomas who also remarked, "Well, I studied engineering once." In addition Patrick [O'Neil, VP of Operations] went to Berkeley and designed his own major which also means he knows how to do everything. "We thought we could figure it out." 


The Picky Bars R&D team started creating prototypes in it's shipping warehouse in Bend, OR. "It was slow going at first. Like, really slow. Like, I mean, it's actually really hard to make a helicopter that carries stuff when you have no idea what you're doing," said O'Neil. But a breakthrough came last week when Co-Founder Lauren Fleshman stopped by the hobby shop on the way home and picked up a remote control helicopter for $20. "I told Jesse for months he should just buy a freaking helicopter from the toy store, and he never listened, so I finally just did it myself. Now he probably thinks it's his idea," said Fleshman.


"Once I decided we should just outsource our helicopter development to the toy store, we made some really big gains," Thomas added. "Now we're just working on attachment mechanisms for the Picky Bars themselves. We've had some great ideas. I think we're very close. Our delivery drone should be out far before the Amazon delivery drones." The latest attachment mechanism prototype is shown in the included image (above).


Picky Bars believes that personal delivery of each bar into the hands of it's Picky Club members is the key to differentiation and customer happiness. "Yep, now instead of packing 18 bars into an envelope, I get to try and fly one toy helicopter 18 times into the hands of each of our club members. What the hell are these guys thinking?" concluded Picky Bars fulfillment specialist Mike Hollum.
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