The Power of Our Ingredients

Our 200 calorie bars have 7g fat, 28g carbohydrate, 7g protein, and 2-3g of soluble fiber, all derived from a selection of these stupendous ingredients:

Organic Dates: This is the real stud of the Picky Bar.  These little buggers are a naturally sweet carbohydrate source that helps replace glycogen stores after a workout.  They have calcium and magnesium and other vitamins and minerals, but what most impressed us was that they got a 6600 TE score (which measures antioxidant content) beating all other fruits and vegetables.  They even beat the best berries by 1000 points!  Eat a handful of those bad boys by themselves and you might get a sugar spike, but as part of our balanced recipe, they are perfect.

Rice Protein Powder
(rice protein, rice syrup solids, natural chocolate and vanilla flavors): It turns out there are all sorts of problems associated with consuming too much soy, and yet you find it in most energy bars (because its cheap).  We like to diversify our plant protein sources, and this is our favorite.  Plant enzymes are used under low temperatures to separate out the proteins without brutalizing the amino acids.  Its bomb.

Organic Rice Cereal
(Organice brown rice, organic brown rice syrup, Sea salt): We needed that extra crunch for our bars so keeping with our rice ingredients, our organic rice cereal adds the perfect mix of texture( and we had fun crunching them in the beginning stages).

Organic Natural Peanut Butter:  We are in love with peanuts, and "Lauren's Mega Nuts" flavor reflects that.  Peanuts have lots of niacin, which is good for the health of the digestive system, skin and nerves.  Niacin also plays a big role in releasing energy from carbohydrates and helping control blood-sugar levels.  Peanut butter eaters have lower triglyceride levels, which is apparently awesome.  They also have as high an antioxidant content as strawberries!  What?!  Yeah, seriously.

Organic Natural Almond Butter:  There is something unbelievably decadent about a spoonful of fresh ground almond butter: from the texture on your tongue to the immediate satisfaction you feel as it moves through your mouth.  All the other scientific (boring) benefits are listed under almonds, below.

Hazelnut Butter: Clearly we are nuts so it's only normal that we have all the nut butters covered. Hazelnuts specifically offer doses of Folate and Vitamin E  which help prevent the breakdown of unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients due to the oxidation caused by free radicals. (now that's radical reason to eat hazelnut butter)

Organic Almonds: Many consider these a "super food" due to the fact that 70% of their fat is monounsaturated (which is linked with lower levels of heart disease and cancer, as well as longer life spans).  People that eat the most nuts have the lowest BMI (body mass index)!  Sounds impossible, but its true.  They are protein rich, and are notably high in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and Magnesium.

Cranberries:  These are amazing fruits.  Many people know they prevent UTI's, but did you know that they are high in phenols?  These are plant chemicals that protect against all sorts of health problems, possess anti-cancer properties and inhibit the growth of common food-borne pathogens.  Plus they are tart and yummy.

Organic Sunflower Butter: The popularity of this product is just starting to grow, and its no wonder because it is heaven.  Its also a savior for people with tree nut and peanut allergies, and gives you all the benefits of sunflower seeds (listed below).  Its high in protein and fiber, not to mention potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and zinc.  I mean holy cow!  The roastiness of this ingredient adds the distinct "oh my wow" flavor to our "Honey Roasted Sunflower" bar.

Sunflower Seeds: For something that used to be considered bird seed, these are now considered a full blown "functional food," with the second highest levels of phytosterols of any snack food (pistachios are #1) bringing cholesterol down and supporting prostate health. These seeds (which are only used in our tree nut free bar) also have a mega amount of the trace mineral selenium, which by itself is only kinda cool, but it pairs synergistically with the high amounts of Vitamin E in the seeds to fight cancer.

Organic Apricots:  Absolutely loaded with beta carotene and vitamin A, and the staple food of the Hunza who famously live long, healthy lives in the Himalayas.

Honey: A real food that is a great alternative to sugar.  Its far less processed than sugar, and has a lesser effect on blood sugar.  We use RAW honey from the northwest hoping it will help with a few of Lauren's 1000 allergies.

Organic Cashews:  These also have monounsaturated fats, but we are most excited about the fact that they are mineral rich (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and selenium).

Organic Pepitas (pumpkin seeds):  These are a turbo-food for men.  The cucurbitacins in the seeds are thought to interfere with the production of DHT, (a testosterone by-product that plays a role in hair loss,) and BPH (which makes you pee several times a night).  Girls also benefit from the manganese in pumpkin seeds, an essential trace mineral that is pivotal for growth, reproduction, wound healing and proper metabolism of sugars and insulin.

Hazelnuts: These powerful packed nuts contain the vitamin thiamin which works to help regulate your nervous system and aid healthy muscle and cardiovascular health.

Organic Walnuts: Omega 3's are brainfood and mood-boosters, and walnuts lead the nut category for Omega 3 content.   Also adds to protein.

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
(cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (soy) vanilla extract): They make you happy.  That's all Lauren needs to know.  But cocoa also has flavonoids which shield you from environmental toxins and prevent fat-like substances in the bloodstream from clogging arteries. Cocoa also improves insulin sensitivity in healthy people.

Organic Roasted Coffee: Just some of the few benefits aside from feeling really productive- helps fight risks of cancer, diabetes, and depression. In moderate amounts caffeine is said to have a wide range of positive affects on the body and brain.( Note- only our Smooth Caffeinator contains caffeine)

Cinnamon: We only use a little bit (you might not even taste it) but the natural anti-inflammatory phyto-chemicals (eugenol and geraniol) in this spice reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.  Cinnamon also helps moderate blood sugar, is good for digestive function, and is a gas reliever.  Yes!

Kosher Salt:  The body needs salt to regulate the electrolyte balance inside and outside of its cells.  We don't use much of it in our bars, but a little salt helps us avoid cramping during our workouts.

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