Well we finally did it Picky Eaters. Together we’ve spread the Picky Revolution so far and wide that we can no longer make enough bars in Jesse and Lauren’s home kitchen. Your little baby startup is finally taking off the training wheels. 
It’s a big day.

It all started with Lauren and Steph casually making individual batches for themselves and friends. 2 years later we’ve grown to a “factory” of 4–7 workers churning out 12,000+ bars a month—but still in a home kitchen.

We’ve been feeling the production limitations and growing demand since January. So, for the last 6 months we’ve been aggressively exploring how to produce more bars without sacrificing any quality—and we finally figured it out.

We are proud to introduce our newest business partners: Glenn and Liz Ward (aka the Bumble Bar family) in Spokane, Washington! These two started their business in 1995 with the highest commitment to making healthy real food via sustainable, ethical business practices (read Liz’s Story). After numerous meetings and a visit to Spokane—where we toured their facility, perfected the bar making, and met their family—we were finally convinced that we had met the right people for the job.

  Glenn and Liz Ward, ladies and gentlemen! Delicious bars, silly faces, good people.

It really is freaking science, dude.

What does this mean?

1) The world’s cries for Picky Bars in more stores can finally be answered. 
2) Our bars are now made in a facility that is dedicated gluten and dairy free—plus Kosher certified.
3) The majority of our bars are now made in Spokane, WA instead of Springfield, OR—but still by an American family business that pays its employees a living wage and contributes to the local community.
4) Allows us to use our new packaging! Booyah! No more freaking surveys. They’re rolling out in a few weeks. 100% recycled paper + high moisture barrier lining = boomshakalaka.
5) Jesse, Lauren, and Steph can focus on being awesome pro athletes, instead of the minutiae of mass producing energy bars from a home kitchen.

This does not mean:

1) Any significant change to our recipe or nutritional benefits. There have been a few minor tweaks—higher % of organic ingredients, chocolate chips are mixed in rather than sitting on top (sweet surprises in yo mouth!)—but they’re still 100% the Picky Bars you love.
2) Any change in ownership. The Bumble Family simply makes our bars—there’s no affiliation beyond that (other than a new like-minded friendship, of course).
3) A new mass-production process. Our bars are still made in relatively small batches in the exact same way but with slightly bigger and better equipment.

Just like our old Hobart back home, but a little bigger.

We want your feedback. We think these bars are finally up to our extremely “Picky” standard, but we want to know what you think. You love Picky Bars because they’re different and better than other bars you’ve tried. We agree, and we’re keeping them that way—athletically balanced real food with the same freaking amazing tastiness. Thank you so much for your support and please let us know your thoughts: MYFEEDBACK@PICKYBARS.COM.