Anthony Clark Picky Bars Athlete

Anthony Clark


– 2015 NBX Gran Prix Champ
– 2016 World Cyclocross Team Selection

Some athletes have background stories of expected gradual progression, others more twists and turns, some so improbable as to become legend. And then there is Anthony Clark. Anthony’s early days of fighting bullies, wrecking cars, and a few stints in jail took an abrupt turn when he found out he was going to be a dad, and decided to straighten up. He focused his energy (and transportation needs after getting his license suspended) on the bike, and quickly progressed into one of the nation’s top Cyclocross racers. His “discovery” came at the hands of 4x national champ Jeremy Powers and a pair of jorts. (Read Jeremy’s take.)

With his long hair, tattoos, and outlandish twitter feed, Anthony is a fan favorite and an exciting dude to be involved with. We’re stoked to watch him rip it up in 2016. All that’s left to say is siiiikkkkkkk what$$!

Gettin’ to know Ant…

Nickname: I go by Ant or Anthony and there is a 1000 nicknames everyone calls me something different… 

Birthday: June 14 1987 what’s up 

Do you believe in aliens? Yes there are aliens and yes there are totally babe aliens 

Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: Most fun race I look fowarded to Paris 2 Ancaster 2016

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Selected for 2016 Cyclocross Worlds team 

Who’s your biggest supporter? My older brother and his family and my Lil Gavin (son) 

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: Manta when I freak out I breathe smooth powerful fast 

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): kettle cooked chips flavored aged cheddar and horseradish 

Why’d you choose Picky? Picky bars … why cause theyre sikkkkk not sick all natural and my gut I sensation and they make my gut so happy wannanana sideways ligit 

Anything else you desperately want the people to know? ….. be sideways ??? 

Anthony Ervin Picky Bars Swimmer

Anthony Ervin


– 3x Olympic Gold Medalist (50m free (x2), 4x100m)
– World & National Champion
– 3x U.S. Olympian (2000, 2012, 2016)
– Multi-time National Team Captain

Gettin’ to know Anthony…

Nickname: Tony

Birthday: 5/26/81

Do you believe in aliens? A simple yes or no does not justify the scientific and mystic answer i’d want to give

Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: U.S. Olympic Trials; self-explanatory! 🙂

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Watching swimmers I have mentored come into their own

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Making it to my nieces’ birthday party

Who’s your biggest supporter? Mom

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: “Take a little extra rest now, then fire it up to finish the set” — Hey, I’m a sprinter after all

What’d you want to be when you grew up: Marine biologist or astronaut

Favorite Place in the US: NYC

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): Coffee — that is food, right?

Why’d you choose Picky? Delicious, healthy and real ingredients

Anything else you desperately want the people to know? Imagine Swimming

Training camp almost over here in Croatia. The Team is ready for Kazan. Photocred @russellmark1226

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ben herndon photographer picky team

Ben Herndon

Adventure Photographer

– Top 3 Climbing Photographers (Climbing Magazine, 2012)
– 3x gold medalist at the Annual Castle Staudinger Archery Tournament (it’s basically a friend’s private Renaissance fair/boozefest in eastern Washington)
– Kefir enthusiast
– Sarcastic optimist

Gettin’ to know Ben…

Nickname: Nothing that’s stuck. Though my alias for third-year Spanish was Roberto Alejandro Santiago Mendoza El Tercero in highschool. Muy impresionante. 

Birthday: February 22

Do you believe in aliens? For sure.  

Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: Australia for the month of April. SUP, rock climbing, backpacking, Fosters… 

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Getting in with the rad people at my photo agency Tandem years ago, and also when I left a 10-year job to push a shutter full-time.     

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: National Physical Fitness Award in 8th grade. I couldn’t do the pull-ups for the President’s award. I’d like to see each of our newly-elected heads of state bust out a +5 inch seated stretch and 6 minute mile before putting their hand on that Bible. 

Who’s your biggest supporter? Bekah, my wife, climbing partner, super nurse. 

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: Carry on, carry on dancin’ – Savage Garden 

What’d you want to be when you grew up: Rich in friends. 

Favorite Place in the US: Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho. 

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): Dairy. All of it.

Why’d you choose Picky? Two things are important for capturing action sports: going light and not getting hangry. Photo gear pretty much rules out going light so I have to save weight in other areas. Picky bars are light, compact, nutrient-dense and tasty as an alpine breeze! 

Anything else you desperately want the people to know? Nothing too desperate, but I’m a big music lover – from folk to trap. I recently toured with Oregon-based americana, singer-songwriter Bart Budwig. I’ve always liked how geography can shape people’s art regardless of the medium. Bart’s sound resonates with the landscapes of my own backyard on the Palouse in north Idaho and eastern Washington, the subject of which I’ve enjoyed delving into when not doing adventure or active lifestyle stuff. There’s a whole lot of beauty and I think it’s easy to box ourselves in creatively and try to live someone else’s story. Mostly, I just like taking pretty pictures and working with good people though.   

Ben Stookesberry

Expedition kayaker

– 2007 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year
– Banff Mountain Film Festival Best Adventure Film: Kadoma (2011)
– National Paddling Film Festival: Best Documentary Professional Category: Walled In (2013)
– Men’s Journal 50 Most Adventurous (2015)
– 2016 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Finalist with fellow Picky Team member Benny Marr

Gettin’ to know Ben…

Nickname: Stookes, Spookenhuck, Redonkulous2u, Benny the Explorer
Birthday: August 10th
Do you believe in aliens? There are 2 many posibilities in our universe too rule it out. That being said, being alone in the Universe is fine by me.
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: I very badly want to return to Patagonia’s Rio Año Nuevo in 2016. It is a big river that has never been done before and in 2015 we made the first attempt. After a 5 day hike into the headwaters, we were pinned down in our tent at the put in by a 3 day storm. When we finally emerged to assess the river, we found way to much water heading into 2000 foot deep box canyons with no option for escape. We ended up hiking our sorry butts back the same direction that we had come from. I want another chance. For more information on this past March’s expedition to the Año Nuevo check out Hike in, Hike out, and the First Descent of the Rio Jaromillo
Proudest accomplishment, professional: 137 first descents in 32 countries and counting.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: I was a member of the 1996 Colorado 4A state champ 4 x 800 meter team. Incidentally, my teams were runners up in 1995 and 1997. To this day we hold the school record at Greeley West High School in the event at 7mins and 54 secs.
Who’s your biggest supporter? My Mom
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: The times that are toughest, most difficult, and stressful are the ultimate opportunity to test yourself in the most internal way. It’s the ultimate opportunity for a truly zen moment where nothing exists other than the present and what is directly in front of you.
What did you want to be when you grew up? From where I grew up in Greeley, CO the Rocky Mountains are a blue Silhouette on the horizon. I remember feeling that I wanted to be in the mountains. But now I think that that feeling was really wanting to be some place wild and untamed.
Favorite Place in the US: Fantasy Falls on the North Fork of the Mokelumne in Northern California
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): My favorite dish to prepare and often eat is Egg Plant Parmesan. But given the choice I would choose my mom’s mother’s (my Grammy’s) homade Cavatils (potato pasta) with bracioles and meat balls.
Why’d you pick Picky? As a child my mom never let me have soft drinks, candy, sweet cereals or anything processed. It’s hugely affected my diet choices and certainly Picky Bars fit the bill in terms of something my mom would want me to snack on. Somehow it reminds me of the home made granola or fig oatmeal cookies that I used to get in my lunch as a child while my friends downed sweet stuff like Twix and Twinkies. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never enjoyed a Snickers, but when I’m two days into a 5 day hike with 100lb kayak on my shoulder I need not only something that tastes good; but more importantly, I need real food that is going to pack the nutritional punch to keep me energized and motivated for the trail ahead.
Anything else you want the people to know? I feel most free on a pair of rollerblades. I am half joking, but my glass is truly half full when it comes to my rollerblading obsession.

Emily Kachorek Picky Bars Athlete

Emily Kachorek


– Co Founder, co owner Squid Bikes
– the world’s smallest pinky toe nails

Cross Conversation with Emily (vid by SRAM)

Gettin’ to know Emily…

Nickname: Em, Little Duckling… it’s the Polish translation of my last name

Birthday: Jan, 2 1980. Worst birthdate EVER. Think about it. Everyone always forgets, just started their New Years resolutions (ie. no cake, eating out, etc.), totally done partying at the end of the holiday run, and I always had to start back to school as a kid. Worst birthdate EVER.

Do you believe in aliens? The conventional aliens, meh. Other life forms, absolutely. How could you not. Because, math.

Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: Grinduro. Super fun bike party in the woods. Cyclocross National Championships. The crowds and energy make Nationals super fun and I hear Asheville is super cool! West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Winning the NRC Joe Martin Criterium, collegiate Team Time Trial National Championship (even though it was a long time ago) and getting to race the Tour of Flanders.

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Finishing my Masters Degree in Biology.

Who’s your biggest supporter? My husband. He is awesome 🙂

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: Suck it up buttercup.

What’d you want to be when you grew up: I was never totally sure. I think I wanted to be vet when I was young, and then it was a marine biologist. Ya know, speaking with dolphins and what not. As I got older I knew I wanted to do something outside and with science. I studied Environmental Biology and Conservation Biology so I guess I sort of followed up with that. Just not so much on the working as a biologist part.

Favorite Place in the US: On the beach around a campfire in my hometown of Encinitas, CA

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): Pretty hard to beat a really good sandwich

Why’d you choose Picky? Simple, the ingredients. Because I feel better when I eat better, both on and off the bike. Picky is real food that is easy to carry and eat. It tastes good and provides me with a mix of carb and protein that I have found sits well in my stomach while exercising. I can trust that whatever Picky puts out is going to be great because the owners live, breath and play that same way I do.

Gerd Serrasolses

Gerd Serrasolses

Whitewater Kayaker

– 2015 World Champion
– 2015 North Fork Champion
– 2013 AWP World Champion
– King of Asia… hahaha jk

When we first got in contact with Spanish kayaker Gerd he was on a short visit to British Columbia, getting ready to head off on a two-month long excursion all across the world. “We have to get him some bars!” marketing said, “Mike, can we get bars to Canada by Wednesday?” they pleaded. Long story short, the package didn’t clear customs and got returned to us in Oregon, two days before Gerd was set to hop the pond.
We had a group of people going to Seattle the next day for an event. “Squamish (where Gerd was staying) is only a few hours past Seattle – we could drive them to him?” At a loss with international shipping and desperate to get this rad kayaker the goods we promised him, we scheduled to meet up. After an unnecessarily complicated border crossing (way to be cool, Sarah) we rendezvoused with Gerd and his girlfriend at an empty Tim Hortons parking lot around midnight (not sketchy at all) and as they say, the rest is history…

Gettin’ to know Gerd…

Nickname: Geri and Dirty Gerd, not because I’m dirty but for a 1st Descent waterfall I did that it is 😉

Birthday: September 10th 1988

Do you believe in aliens? mmm… I prefer not to.

Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: Stoked on another year filled with traveling, expeditions and races just because I love it. Spring in the US is always so good and summer in Norway shouldn’t be too bad either.

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Living for and off kayaking and winning all major races I entered in 2015, an amazing year to remember for me.

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Learning to ride my bike without trainer wheels at 2?? haha

Who’s your biggest supporter? My girlfriend Ali, she is the best woman on this planet, and so hot!! 😉

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: “if there’s a will there’s a way”, go for it no matter what!

What’d you want to be when you grew up: Fireman! My grandpa was one and it’s a cool job.

Favorite Place in the US: The PNW!!

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): Anything that involves fruit and veggies, love to eat well like in the Mediterranean 😉

Why’d you choose Picky? I like to eat well and healthy and Picky Bars are the best option. I also have a sweet tooth so it’s the perfect balance and a great nutritional snack to take on the river.

Anything else you desperately want the people to know? Whitewater kayaking is probably the best sport there is so you should give it a try!!

Into the sun! #adidasoutdoor #galasport_composites #serrasolsesbros #sbp

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lindsey richter voreis picky bars

Lindsey Voreis

Mountain Biker

– Director of Inspiration for the Liv Ladies AllRide mountain bike clinics
– Survived the tv show “Survivor: Africa” (2002)
– Appeared as a guest on: CBS Early Show, The Late Show w/ David Letterman, Regis and Kelly, The Late Late Show, The Howard Stern show, Hollywood Squares, Eminem Music Video, World of Adventure Sports

In a town full of professional athletes and hardcore recreationalists, Lindsey’s passion for mountain biking stands out among the sporty Bend crowd. Previously a pro racer, Lindsey started her Ladies AllRide clinics after seeing a lacking female presence at the events she was coaching. Her contagious energy and badass demeanor is balanced with a humble relateability that drew us to her as someone we just HAD to work with. Picky Bars will be the official nutrition sponsor of all the Ladies AllRide clinics in 2016!

*Ladies AllRide’s coaches NBC’s World of Adventure Sports:
Part One
Part Two

Gettin’ to know Lindsey…

Nickname: Dork

Birthday: August 31

Do you believe in aliens? Aliens, spirits, guardian angels… Something else is out there besides us mere mortals.

Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on in 2016, and why: All of our Ladies AllRide Clinics around the country! AND Switzerland ladies’ trip AND Nepal.

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Becoming a sponsored pro mountain biker without winning any titles, rather through passion and the desire to get more women into the sport to show them what it can do for their lives and overall well-being.

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: I still hold the high school high jump record from 1992.

Who’s your biggest supporter? My Parents, Liv Cycling

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: Look ahead and keep the wheels rolling.

What’d you want to be when you grew up: National Geographic photographer/reporter

Favorite Place in the US: My home state – Oregon!

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): Thai

Why’d you choose Picky? I am picky about what goes in my body in terms of healthy, whole foods and the good people behind Picky Bars feel the same way. I love the fact that Picky Bars celebrates pro athletes as well as passionate recreational athletes by putting them on wrappers and making them feel just as important as the pro athletes.

Anything else you desperately want the people to know? I believe adventure sports like mountain biking can truly change women’s lives. Mountain biking can help women identify and face fears, overcome challenges and accomplish more than they thought possible, which in turn helps them believe in themselves and their abilities. I have also found my tribe of supportive, encouraging women through mountain biking and I want more women to know this lifestyle exists for them!

Bonus: a Ladies AllRide #lifepoints photo of Lindsey is currently our Blueberry Boomdizzle wrapper!

lindsey richter voreis picky bars lifepoints


nick troutman picky team

Nick Troutman

Whitewater Kayaker

– Freestyle Kayak World Champion
– North American Champion
– 8x National Champion
– Handful of first descent waterfalls in Mexico, First Full Descent of the Rio Alseseca (along with fellow Picky Team’er Ben Stookesberry)
– Father of an amazing son, and soon to be daughter
When it comes to sport, success is about more than competitions and titles. While Nick does hold a hefty collection of accolades, first descents, and epic runs kindly captured by POV footage for all of us to enjoy, it’s his infectious energy and dedication to family life that really captured our eye. From insanely serene remote rivers, to extreme comps, to adorable #dadgoals photos, he’s a fun follow.

Gettin’ to know Nick…

Nickname: I have always had many, but not too many that really stuck. Nick, Nich, Nico, Troutboy. I was always better at giving nicknames then getting them.

Birthday: Oct. 20 1988

Do you believe in aliens? I think the fact there there is a multitude of never ending universes it makes it hard to rule out the possibilities of life other then on Earth.

What’s your spirit animal? The great Bull Moose.

Upcoming Competition/Event/Trip you are Grade A, 100%, majorly stoked on, and why: My Life is a never ending trip filled with fun and stoke. Though if you My year is filled with tons of epic events some of my favorites being the week of excitement at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, and the Adidas Sickline Extreme Race World Championship in Austria. Though I have also have a pretty epic trip planned to Hawaii this winter.

Proudest accomplishment, professional: Winning the World Championships was pretty sweet.

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: I was the captain of my high school Rugby team for three years, until I got a major concussion and wasn’t allowed to play anymore. (I rung my bell pretty good doing a back-flip in the kitchen, I didn’t know who I was for 12 hours)

Who’s your biggest supporter? My wife, Emily. She supports all my crazy adventures, with one of our craziest adventures being parents.

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: “Try harder”

What’d you want to be when you grew up: Before I learned to kayak I wanted to be an Engineer or Architect for a while, I like creating things, that all changed once I acquired an addiction for kayaking.

Favorite Place in the US: My RV, it lets me see all of the USA. An RV is by far the best real-estate you can buy.

Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, obvs): I make a mean 8 layer lasagna every Christmas Eve, but my go-to is a peanut butter and blueberry sandwich.

Why’d you choose Picky? I like to take care of myself the best I can, and part of that is eating healthy. Picky Bars are the perfect option for me to throw in my life-jacket and have a healthy and sustaining snack on the river, that and I love the epic flavors.

Anything else you desperately want the people to know? I like to paint, there is something soothing about putting paint to canvas and creating something.

cedar wright

Cedar Wright


– 12+ First Ascents all over the world
– 4 speed records on El Capitan alone
– Director, producer, contributing sufferer of the Sufferfest Films with Alex Honnold
(Sufferfest 1, Climbing California’s 14ers / Sufferfest 2, Desert Alpine)
Cedar is described as an “approachable person known for his goofy sense of humor, and infectious lust for life, and is always game for an outrageous adventure.” We will attest to all of that, and add that he has the most extreme pug on all the internet. He straddles the inspiration/aspiration line perfectly, as his films and posts always leave us thinking “holy crap I could never do that!” but running out the door for an adventure of our own.

Gettin’ to know Cedar…

Nickname: My original Nickname was Mr. Magoo because I “Climbed blindly into adversity” and because I’ve always climbed in glasses. Eventually Magoo got shortened to Goo and Gooey. Most people now days call me “Seedy.”
Birthday: March 16th
Do you believe in astrology? Not in the classical sense, but I wouldn’t rule out the epic forces of the universe having effects on our personality and behavior.
Aliens? Just by the sheer vastness of the Universe, I would put my money on there being other intelligent life forms, but the Universe is so, so, so big that we will probably never make contact with them.
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: I’ve got a lot to look forward to including a visit to Yosemite, Alaska and perhaps some top secret even more exciting stuff! I recently learned to Paraglide and am very obsessed with flying, so I’d like to incorporate that into my adventures. I also ran my first Ultra, a 55k in Moab and I’m toying with the idea of trying a 50 miler!
Proudest accomplishment, professional: I’ve had some incredible experiences. Free Climbing El Cap in a day was special for me. I’ve put up first ascents around the world, and my Sufferfest trips with Alex Honnold are looked back on as a highlight. The Sufferfest Films I directed, produced, and edited were a labor of love! More than any one accomplishment though I’m very proud that I’ve stayed true to myself and continue to squeeze adventure and creativity out of life.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: I have an impressive Comic Book Collection that includes some very valuable and rare original Amazing Spiderman issues.
Biggest supporter? My Wife Nelissa, and my Pug Gus, aka @allterrainpug
What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: I’ve been known to say “Oh No, Oh No, Oh No.” when the going gets tough! “Breathe, Relax, you’ve got this” has really gotten me through some tough times.
Favorite Place in the US: Yosemite Valley, and my home in Boulder Colorado.
What’d you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a writer…which I actually do on the side. I’m a contributing editor at Climbing Magazine and have a monthly column.
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Burritos! I could eat burritos for dinner for the rest of my life and be content.
Why pick Picky? First and foremost I’m working with Picky because I LOVE the bars! The bars are moist and don’t dehydrate you like some of the competitors, and taste ten times better. They are perfect for my adventurous multi sport lifestyle. Most of the mainstream bars are barely palatable and super dry. Just as important, Picky is run with a sense of fun, integrity and passion, and it’s an athlete owned company. Any company that gives it’s bars names like Blueberry Boomdizzle and Cookie Doughpness, is a bar company after my own heart!
Anything else you want the people to know: I believe life is short and we need to squeeze the juice out of it, by trying to fill our lives with friends, family, adventure, travel, love and other wonderful things more important than money or conventional senses of success!

matt lieto

Matt Lieto


Lieto has one of the most unique and (pardon the cheesiness) inspiring stories we know of in endurance sports. Growing up an overweight and self-proclaimed couch potato, Matt was never athletic. But twelve years ago he watched his brother (Chris Lieto) race Ironman Championships, and it flipped a switch in him to start getting active. He whittled his way down to a healthy weight by skateboarding at the park, and soon after found a love for triathlon. He’s been racing professionally since 2008. Cool, right?

Gettin’ to know Matt…

Nickname: Lieto, Bigmatt, Ghetto, Matty. I’ll know how good a friend you are by which one you use….
Birthday: May 4th
Do you believe in astrology? Yeah, I believe in stars. Wait, what?
Aliens? Only when it involves probing.
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: I am pretty darned stoked go back and race Ironman Coeur D’alene, the spot of my first Ironman a bunch of years ago. That and of course upsetting Jesse at Wildflower.
Proudest accomplishment, professional: Every time I cross a finish line after giving all I can is my new proudest moment. So… my last race.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Definitely transforming from a chubby couch potato at 255 lbs to an athlete worthy of fame and fortune in the way of free Picky Bars.
Biggest supporter? My mother of course is my number 1 supporter. Mili dog also, at least I think she’s supportive… maybe she’s just hungry.
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: “You could be at a desk bro, move your ass”
Favorite Place in the US: Here. Now.
What’d you want to be when you grew up: I wanted to be a Pastor. Gulp. Didn’t happen.
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Pancakes bro, pancakes.
Why pick Picky? Simple. It’s real food that tastes good and a bar I can feel good about eating. In my training and racing I have to replace thousands of calories, and with Picky Bar I know I’m putting in the goods. That and Jesse won’t let me eat anything else.
Anything else you want the people to know about you: I’m always right. Carry on.

denise bourassa

Denise Bourassa

Ultra Runner

Bend, OR
– 2014 Grand Slam Finisher (4-100mile races in 10 weeks)
– 8th at Western States 100, 20:19:30 (2014)
– 4th at Wasatch 100 (2014)
Despite her incredible running talent (4th fastest women’s Grand Slam finish time of all time) Denise still identifies herself as a healthcare professional first, a runner second. She’s worked as a nurse for 19 years, and can be found each morning and evening run-commuting to the hospital with a pack of scrubs on her back. After focusing on Grand Slam in 2014, we’re looking forward to seeing what she can do without having to rein the horses!

Denise Bourassa Picky Bars Smooth CaffeinatorDenise’s Fav Flav: Smooth Caff

Gettin’ to know Denise…

Nickname: Lil D
Birthday: Sept 28th
Do you believe in astrology? Yes, when you race 100 miles, sometimes it takes the position of the stars and the movements of the planets to influence the events leading up to starting and finishing 100 miles.
Aliens? Extraterrestrial life… you bet, for sure there is more out there!
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: UTMB! Yes that would be the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc a tour AROUND Mont Blanc passing through 3 countries France, Switzerland, and Italy; 105 miles with 33,000 ft of climbing… super stoked to be toeing the line at this iconic event!
Proudest accomplishment, professional: I have been a nurse for 19 years and a nurse manager for 9 of those years and I am proud to have influenced others toward health care careers.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Grand Slam Finisher! 4 of the oldest 100 milers in 10 weeks with the 4th fastest combined female time and with an injury going into the 2nd 100.
Who’s your biggest supporter?: My number 1 fan is my best friend and hubby, Ken Sinclair!
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: “One step at a time” that was my mantra through the Vermont 100, the 2nd race of the Slam in which I started with a strained calf… I also have a brother with ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s… when the going gets tough I remind myself how truly fortunate I am to be able to do what I do.
Favorite Place in the US: The Great NW trails, take your pick!
What did you want to be when you grew up? I actually looked at a career path in “Leisure Studies” but sadly outside of the allure of traveling to destinations unknown there was no job security or $$ could be found in that industry!
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, duh): All I can say is that it’s a good thing I like to run! I enjoy it all but…..I can never pass up a good slice of pizza pie and of course a pint of IPA!
Why’d you pick Picky? As an endurance runner I can’t afford to just put anything in my body and expect it to perform well. This goes with my training runs as well as my races, believe me I have tried it, and it does not work. Picky is designed to meet the needs of an athletes body without letting a lot of waste get in the way of a great bar. Why would I not chose to be Picky?
Anything else you desperately want people to know about you? I like dirt 🙂

As I was running into work I had a vision of 4 Black Butte repeats…#satrunanyone?

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andrew wheating

Andrew Wheating

Track Star

– Pan Ams 1500m Champion (2015)
– 2x Olympian (2008, 2012)
– 3x NCAA Champion (800m, 1500m)
– 800m – 1:44.56
– 1,500m – 3:30.90
– Decorated* Instagram Videographer
With the height of a basketball player (6’5″) and shaggy hair of a soccer player, Andrew stands out in the typical pack of mid distance runners. What we love though (other than his wicked speed) is his confident assertiveness and goofy personality. A quick scroll of his Instagram feed you’d peg him as the class clown, not a two-time Olympian that won eleven straight races as a sophomore at Oregon. (He lost his final race by .01 seconds at NCAA champs)
Masterpiece Theater with Andrew Wheating (a fireside chat + random Q+A)

Gettin’ to know Andrew…

Nickname: Andy, DJ A-Diddle, or A DubMcGrub… but mostly Andy.
Birthday: Nov 21st
Do you believe in astrology? Yes
Aliens? Fa-sho!
Event/Trip you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: New Zealand, not only is it summer there but I get to see a few Hobbit holes!
Proudest accomplishment, professional: 2010 Distance Medley Relay (DMR) winning as a team is always more rewarding than by yourself.
Biggest supporters: My mom and dad
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”
Favorite Place in the US: Family lake house on Lake Champlain in Vermont.
What did you want to be when you grew up? Professional soccer player
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Teriyaki anything
Why’d you pick Picky? Because Picky is being yourself without reserve or restraints, and that’s a philosophy I see in the company as well as myself.
Anything else you want the people to know? Big gulps eh?…Welp! See Ya later!

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Little Wing Picky Team Oiselle

Little Wing

Pro Women’s Track Team

– Jess Barnard: Philippines National Steeplechaser
– Collier Lawrence: Olympic Trials qualifier (Steeplechase)
– Mel Lawrence: NCAA Champ, UW Hall of Famer
Little Wing might sound like a dainty and flighty little being, but these are some of the toughest chicks we’ve met. Determined as all get out and endlessly motivated, they’ve all battled their own routes to the burgeoning paths they’re on today. We’re proud to support their speedy endeavors from track to road to cross-country course, and love having them right here in our neck of the woods.

Gettin’ to know the Little Wing Gals…

Favorite workout: Any sort of ladder on the track.
Least favorite: Inch worm walk outs (except Kate loves them!)
Who pumps the pre-race jams the hardest? Collier and Kate hands down
Favorite post-workout refuel spot in Bend (we know y’all love your brunch): Jackson’s Corner! With a coffee stop at Palate or Backporch on the way.
Best part about training in a group: You have people around you who are constantly on the same page, keeping you motivated and holding you accountable.
Worst part about living with your teammates: Constantly coming out of your room in the mornings dressed in the same thing for practice.
Dream event to compete in as a group: Our kid selves would say “Global Guts” or “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” Our adult selves say PPP or “Blitz to Barrel”
Must-run route in Central Oregon: Multiple answers here: Kate: McKenzie River Trail, Collier: Green Lakes, Christine: Upper Deschutes River Trail, Mel: North Fork to Bridge Creek.
Where’s the craziest place you’ve taken a Picky Bar? CB took bars to Colombia when she raced at the PanAm cross country champs, and Kate took bars to the Bahamas when she raced at the world relays champs.
100m dash, who wins? No question about it… Kate.
Secret hidden talents: Kate and Collier can name the landscape based on Instagram filters. Christine is a mean baker.

rob krar

Rob Krar

Impeccable Beard-Wearer, Ultra Runner

– 2x Western States Champ (2014, 2015)
– 1st place Leadville Trail 100 (2014)
– 1st place Run Rabbit Run 100 (2014)
– FKT (Fastest known time) for single and double crossing of the Grand Canyon
– Male Ultrarunner of the Year (2013, named by Ultrarunning Magazine)
There’s more to Rob than a Triple Crown, plant-based diet, and an iconic beard… like a history of competitive badminton and passion for cornhole. Backyard sports aside though, we can’t help but cheer for this ultrarunning pharmacist with a penchant for late race moves and stints in the pain cave.
Chatting with Krar: Picky Team Talks

Rob Krar Picky Bar Need for SeedKrar’s Bar: Need for Seed

Gettin’ to know Rob…

Nickname: None, although I saw the Krarbarian pop up somewhere last year which I found rather humorous. Also, my beard has grown a life of it’s own. @robkrarsbeard is approaching 2000 Twitter followers and despite numerous guesses I have no idea who the man (or woman) is behind my “ultra ego” handle.
Birthday: Dec 30th
Do you believe in astrology? Negative ghost rider.
Aliens? Of course.
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: Western States—this is the big show. All eyes are on Squaw Valley come June. Truly, the is the big dance of North American ultra running. Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc—nothing more to say. Big mountains, beautiful place, way out of my comfort zone ready to tackle it head on.
Proudest accomplishment, professional: The year leading up to winning Western States 2014. It was an awakening for me to dream big, embrace the unknown, and not be afraid of failure.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Making the semi finals in the high school city badminton tournament. The competition was fierce and the birdies were flying fast…
Who’s your biggest supporter? My better half I met in the Colorado mountains in 2009. It’s simple—I wouldn’t be writing this today if the fortunate series of events that led to our meeting never happened.
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: Christina was responsible for one of the most important mantras of my life when moments before the start of Western States she told me “today is your day, don’t let anyone f***ing take it away from you.” Very out of character for her and exactly what I needed. Lately I’ve been working through the tough times simply with “chop wood, carry water.”
Favorite Place in the US: The Colorado Plateau and Four Corners region. It’s a maze of canyons and beautiful country that offers a lifetime of adventure and intrigue. What you wanted to be when you grew up: It may be cliché but an astronaut – who hasn’t dreamed of exploring the final frontier?
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Christina’s tofu po’boy sandwiches (RECIPE) with a cold Wanderlust Brewery sour.
Why’d you pick Picky? Great people making a great product—it’s as simple as that. I’ve known Lauren for several years since we shared a few miles on the dirt roads around Flagstaff. Picky Bars taste great, have simple ingredients and are made by athletes who inspire me personally in their ability to challenge their limits and explore what is possible.
Anything else you want the people to know? I’m shy when talking about my running prowess but with cornhole it’s no holds barred. I can throw a beanbag with the best of them and am the dark horse of any backyard BBQ. Cornhole is my game—I may be Canadian but I went to school in the Midwest and they don’t mess around there. It’s a serious sport, not some casual backyard entertainment. I challenge anyone to a SERIOUS game.

Behind the scenes with @alexaristei and the @runningtimes photo shoot.

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caitlin leverenz

Caitlin Leverenz


– Olympic Bronze – 200m Individual Medley (2012)
– ESPY Finalist – Best Female College Athlete (2012)
– PanAm Gold Medal – 200m breaststroke (2007)
– 5th at World Championships 200m IM (2011 and 2013)
– American Record Holder – 200y IM and 400y IM
Do you have an Olympic medal? Nah, neither do we, but Caitlin does! CRAZY, RIGHT?! Other than being a crazy impressive athlete though, Caitlin has a major love for her sport and a great positive spirit on life, which is a combo we are way into. She’s a newlywed and took an adventurers’ dream honeymoon in Australia… which she combined with a training trip (check out her IG for pics.) Talk about dedication!
Guest Post: Fueling Performance

Gettin’ to know Caitlin…

Nickname: not really… Some people call me Katie but I hate that. I like Caitlin.
Birthday: Feb 26th
Do you believe in astrology? No
Aliens? Nope
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: 2015 Pan American Championships, I qualified for these games last summer at our National Championships. I was in the beginning of my international career in 2007, which is the last time I went to the Pan Am Games. I am excited to see what I can do this time around!
Proudest accomplishment, professional: 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist in 200 Individual Medley
Biggest supporter: Definitely my husband, Collin Smith; although my mom is in a close second.
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: One of my teammates and I who were both on the 2012 Olympic team had a not so great year the year after the Olympics. It started as a joke to help us cope, but when things got tough we kept reminding each other that “we do this because we love it.” Its true though! There are so many things about this sport that I continue to love and that’s what keeps me going.
Favorite Place in the US: The San Francisco Bay Area, great weather, awesome location, close to the ocean and mountains, great food from all over the world, the list goes on.
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Thai food is probably my favorite, although I don’t meet many foods that I do not like.
Why’d you pick Picky? A huge part of top performance is nutritional fitness. I am very picky about the quality of food I put into my body and Picky Bars allow me to get the right fuel as well as have it be real food.

#tbt to laughing with two ladies in NYC, still smiling from their National titles two weeks ago! #GoBears

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ben marr

Ben Marr

Whitewater Kayaker

Kayaking a Drainage Ditch
– 2016 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Finalist with fellow Picky Team member Ben Stookesberry
It’s a regular occurrence at Picky HQ for someone to blurt out a “WHOA, HOLY ____!” at their desk, and there’s a high likelihood it’s something to do with Ben. He’s the type of dude you can count on to tackle the craziest thing you can dream up, and then make it even more extreme. Prime example: “That sounds sketchy, dude” Ben: “Ha, dude it’ll be sick!” (from Kayaking a Drainage Ditch) Long story short, he’s racking up #lifepoints left and right.

Gettin’ to know Ben…

Birthday: August 25th 1086 (← Ben is a vampire)
Do you believe in astrology? The most entertaining part of astrology is when someone learns your birthday, and then knowingly state, “ohhhh that totally makes sense…” Or the wise “Mmmmm” while nodding… Astrology is neat but there is a little too much BS to wade through for me to pay too much attention to it! Oh did you just want a Y or a N? haha then
Aliens? yup
Event/Trip you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: Super stoked on heading to Northern Quebec this April for some high volume whitewater and big wave freestyle. Missed a lot last year due to a party injury!
Proudest accomplishment, professional: 192 days on the river last year, and I hope to do better in 2015!
Biggest supporter: Like-minded friends.
What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: control – control – control
Favorite Place in the US: White Salmon WA
What’d you want to be when you grew up? Professional kayaker
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Homemade salad with fresh fish

DREAM starring Ben Marr from NRS Films

Got into the Ashlu at some proper flows yesterday with @toddwells92 @gopro #gopro

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austin smith

Austin Smith


– Co-founder of Drink Water
Pathology: A Movie about Snowboarding and Humans
Austin’s not only a legit jaw-dropping snowboarder, serious thrill-seeker, and local Bendite, he’s an opinionated dude that knows how to stand up for a cause that means something to him. He co-founded Drink Water with fellow pro snowboarder Bryan Fox as a protest to the energy drink companies aggressively targeting their sport (as well as other action sports) and encouraging unhealthy habits to kids. Drink Water is a simple reminder to utilize the resources at hand, and donated $10,000 to last year.

Gettin’ to know Austin…

Nickname: Originally my mom wanted to name me Zoe, sometimes I consider myself a Zoe.
Birthday: December 4th
Do you believe in astrology? I don’t live by it.
Aliens? Men In Black?
Event/Trip you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: Spending 3 weeks rafting through the grand canyon.
Proudest accomplishment, professional: Still a pro snowboarder through all the highs and lows.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Turning down a sponsorship to sell poison to kids.
Biggest supporter: My parents.
What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: Work harder than those surrounding you.
Favorite Place in the US: British Columbia (<— we’ll award partial credit since B.C. is really, really sweet.)
What’d you want to be when you grew up? First a writer and then a pro snowboarder.
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Leftovers at home.
Why’d you pick Picky? I spend most of my time in snowy cold weather and it almost seems like a cruel joke to be hungry in the cold and when you try and eat a bar it is frozen solid. You have to saw on it with your teeth while trying to breath heavily on it to slowly soften it. Not with Picky bars, they are just as soft in the store as they are on a cold windy night snow camping.

nick symmonds

Nick Symmonds

Track Star

– 2x Olympian, 800m (2008, 2012)
– World Silver Medalist 800m (2013)
– 5x USA 800m Outdoor Champion
– 7x NCAA Champion
– Former Beer Mile World Record Holder
Run Gum Founder
Nick is not only a stupi-fast track runner and smart entrepreneur, he’s an advocate for his sport. His passion to create a thriving and exciting arena for he and his fellow athletes to compete in (by tackling issues such as sponsorship rules, branding restrictions, and declining participation) is as admirable as his World Championships medal. We also love knowing we can easily find him out fishing, hiking, or paddling when he’s not on the track. All about that Oregon Life…

Gettin’ to know Nick…

Nickname: The Bulldog
Birthday: Dec. 30th
Do you believe in astrology? no
Aliens? yes
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: USATF Championships because I missed out on them for the 1st time in 8 years in 2014.
Proudest accomplishment, professional: World Silver medal at 2013 IAAF World Championships.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Eagle Scout
Biggest supporter? my mom
What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough: running sure beats a 9-5
Favorite Place in the US: pacific northwest, but only when it’s not raining.
What’d you want to be when you grew up? a doctor
Anything else you want the people to know? As soon as I retire from running I will begin working towards climbing the 7 summits (tallest mountain on each continent)

alex varner

Alex Varner

Jack of all Running Trades, Road Runner, Ultra Runner

– Lake Sonoma 50 – 1st, Course Record
– Way Too Cool 50k – 2nd (2014)
– TNFEC 50 Miler – 3rd (2014)
– Western States 100 – 7th (2014) *1st 100 miler
– 2:21:40 Marathon PR
Alex has been described as the “dude you look for on your heels.” He’s new-ish to the ultrarunning world (his first 100 miler was last year) but is so well-adjusted to all things running you’d think he’s been at it his whole life. He has wicked PR’s all across the board and some impressive finishes to his name, and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store coming up. Not to mention he’s carrying around a good head on his shoulders for all those miles – dude works full time as a financial advisor. He’s our own Clark Kent.
Lake Sonoma Post-Race Interview
Guest Post: Injuries, a Necessary Evil

Alex Varner Picky Bar Cookie DoughpnessVarner’s Fav Flav: Cookie Doughpness

Gettin’ to know Alex:

Nickname: Varner
Birthday: Aug 19th
Do you believe in astrology? Kind of?
Aliens? Yes. It will be majorly disappointing if we’re alone.
Event/Trip you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: Western States 100 Mile. Last year it was my first 100 mile race and I learned a lot. I’m really looking forward to applying that knowledge to this year’s race.
Proudest accomplishment, professional: Being selected for the USA team for the IAU World Ultra Trail Championships which will take place this coming May in Annecy, France.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: I won the Krispy Kreme Challenge (Raleigh, NC) in 2012. I ran 2.5 miles, ate a dozen glazed donuts, and then ran 2.5 miles back in 28:35. It might be my strongest PR.
Who’s your biggest supporter? My parents and my girlfriend.
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: I will get through this.
Favorite Place in the US: Marin County, CA
What’d you want to be when you grew up? Doctor
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): Bread and cheese.
Why’d you pick Picky? The bars taste great and simply work. They sit well in my stomach before and during competition, which is really important, and there is a variety of flavors to choose from so I don’t get tired of any one bar!

Warning: Admiring the views may be hazardous to your health. #ws100 #seeyouinsquaw #lifepoints

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chris wright

Chris Wright

Alpinist, Climber

– Multiple first ascents including Pangbuk North (Nepal), Mooses Tooth (AK), Cutthroat Creek Wall (WA), Cougar Cliff (OR), and many others
– Nearly 100 ascents of Mt Hood
– Mugs Stump Award Winner
We dig Chris because he balances his love of climbing with a love of sharing climbing with others. An IFMGA Mountain Guide, he’s traversed routes all over the world and feeds his hunger for exploration with new challenges all the time. He’ll be attempting a first ascent of North Pillar of Teng Kangpoche in Nepal this summer with Scott Adamson on grants from the Mugs Stump Award and American Alpine Club Lyman Spitzer Cutting Edge Award. (info on 2014 Mug Stump Recipients)

Gettin’ to know Chris…

Nickname: CJ, although I’m trying hard to keep it from catching on any more. I’ve also heard Baggins, mostly I think because people like calling my house The Shire. And Mongoose, which I like a lot more.
Birthday: February 12th
Do you believe in astrology? Is this a trick?
Aliens? See astrology. But probably yes, though if they exist I hope it’s nothing like Alien.
Event you are majorly stoked on in 2015, and why: Summer in the Alps, British grit in the fall, and Patagonia come winter. The Alps are the ultimate blend of mountains and culture, I’ve always wanted to climb the storied grit (and I’m originally English and my cousin is getting married), and Patagonia because I’ve never been and it’s Patagonia!
Proudest accomplishment, professional: Toss up between putting up Terror (VI WI6+ M7 A2 R/X) on the Mooses Tooth (I know it’s misspelled but that is the official spelling) and becoming the ninety-third American to be an internationally-certified IFMGA Mountain Guide.
Proudest accomplishment, non-pro: Definitely my relationship with my espresso machine.
Biggest supporter: Other than the espresso machine?
Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough: Usually the word f*ck and the knowledge that if it’s hard now it will mean something later.
Favorite Place in the US: Anywhere I can find drink, food and friends. And rocks and snow, ideally.
What’d you want to be when you grew up? I always thought growing up would just mean that I’d be my dad, but once I realized that being an adult didn’t mean wearing a tie and driving a station wagon I went with driving a station wagon and being a mountain guide.
Favorite Food (other than Picky Bars, of course): My spirit animal is a Thai lady handing me fried chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad.
Why pick Picky? Because life is too short to eat bad food, among other things.
Anything else you want the people to know about you: I can tell you where to find that Thai lady if you’re ever in Bangkok.