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2015 in Review

December 31, 2015

2015 was a real big year for Picky Bars. Real exciting, real difficult, real frustrating, real REAL.

The year of real stuff.

We launched a REAL sponsored athlete program, with bios on our website and a banner and everything so you know that’s legit. We also got to spend some real quality time with a lot of them, which was awesome because aside from the agreements and formalities and such, we’re really just fighting their moms for the title of #1 Fan.

Austin Smith, Matt Lieto, Alex Varner, Rob Krar, Andrew Wheating, Cedar Wright

Picky Team Athletes in the house! (Austin Smith, Matt Lieto, Alex Varner, Rob Krar, Andrew Wheating, Cedar Wright)

We had interns! REAL life, human interns. We also gave Cam a real clever nickname. You boys getting along alright without an endless supply of reject bars to eat?

Picky Bars interns

Ernie and Bert (Cam) stickering prototype bars this summer

All of our wrappers got fresh looks with new #lifepoints photos from REAL people (read that like a “they’re just like us!” magazine feature…) Spoiler alert: More coming in 2016. Like, soon. Which flavor do you think will be next??

picky bars wrappers

So many #lifepoints. Just tag your best shots #lifepoints on social for a chance to be on a wrapper, too!

Putting our money where our mouth is, and our mouths where our hearts and feet are, we sponsored the inaugural Bend Marathon. Manning the REAL patriotic cheer station at mile 9 was a blast – SO MANY high fives! See you next year? BEND MARATHON REGISTRATION

Bend Marathon Picky Bars cheer station

Picky Bars cheer station at the Bend Marathon, just outside of Picky HQ

What was supposed to be a real awesome new logistics plan for the Picky Club became a REAL pain in the a** for pretty much everyone involved. New for 2016: Back to the old way! Starting in January. Lesson learned.

Picky Club boxes ready to go out

Mike won’t miss packing pallets of Picky Club boxes all at once

Our cute homemade tradeshow booth went to Outdoor Retailer and Interbike, then got a REAL grownup makeover for The Running Event in December. *cue Beyonce’s ‘Upgrade U’*

picky bars booth

The Picky booth at Outdoor Retailer in August, and TRE in December

Debuting in May (April for the Picky Club) was our seventh flavor, “Ah, Fudge Nuts!” which no joke really REALLY tastes like a peanut butter brownie. We’re biased, but it seems the people agree.

ah fudge nuts

Ah, Fudge Nuts! in the wild, where no other brownie has dared to go

Picky HQ hosted a few shindigs, giving us a chance to show off “World Headquarters” and also a good reason to clean up the place. From film screenings to a gear sale fundraiser to a “town hall” meeting for the Oregon Outdoor Alliance, we got REAL good at moving the furniture around. Also tapping kegs.

OOA Picky Bars

Hosting Mays Oregon Outdoor Alliance meeting at Picky HQ

We got to meet a lot of folks – the REAL reason that this all matters. Our customers, fans, friends, and fellow adventurers are why we do what we do and enjoy it so much. So thank YOU for making 2015 REALLY freaking great. Let’s do it again next year!

picky bars visitors

When we catch you peering in the windows we WILL embarrass you and make you take a photo. Hi guys!


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