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Wrapper Reveal – THEY’RE HERE!!

November 13, 2014

picky bars new wrappers

Months of rebrand brainstorming, thousands of incredible photos tagged #lifepoints snapped by Picky peeps, and hundreds of hours spent deliberating over which ones would fit best on our brand spanking new wrappers. Gone is the whimsical brown and yellow, the look we became known for and grew so oddly attached to – and in is the new look Picky Bars. Boo-freakin-yah.

The inaugural class of #lifepoints wrappers feature sun, sand, snow; elation, solitude, pride; and a general sense of living life to the absolute fullest. We hope when you pull one of these bad boys out of your bag you’ll be like, “Awww yeah, let’s go do this thang!” *fistpump* *heel click* *chest bump*

cookie doughpness picky bars

Cookie Doughpness


need for seed picky bars

Need for Seed

blueberry boomdizzle picky bars

Blueberry Boomdizzle

smooth caffeinator picky bars

Smooth Caffeinator

lauren's mega nuts picky bars

Lauren’s Mega Nuts

all in almond picky bars

All In Almond


Next week we’ll dive into each wrapper story, telling the tale behind the adventures so rad we had to wrap our built-to-fuel energy bars in them.

That should hold you over until they go on sale Black Friday (11/28)…

Cheers to a new era!

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