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Believe Logbook

Picky Bars


Custom inscriptions! You can request a custom inscription from Lauren in order notes. Last call for requests (ever!) is Sunday Dec 5th.

This logbook was born out of the personal desire to have a seasonal book, rather than one that covers an entire year. This book is super stripped down, clean, and contains what I consider to be the essentials and nothing more. Planning pages, logbook pages, quotes, and a way to kick off and close out a six month training season. The durable cover - now in two color options! - and slim size make it an ideal tagalong.

Below you will find the official book description. Thank you in advance for considering buying directly from the authors!

The Believe Logbook offers an open, customizable design that helps runners focus, plan, record, and ready themselves. This Logbook includes just the essentials: 6 months of undated space for daily and weekly running logs plus room for short-term planning to reach your long-term goals.

Professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas have spent nearly a decade refining their popular Believe Training Journal into the best old-school training log for new-school runners. Now in their new Believe Logbook, Lauren and Ro offer a minimalist workout diary that is the perfect tool to prepare for a specific race or event that is 3-6 months away. You’ll spell out your goals, plot your path, and then start chipping away.

How you fill your Believe Logbook is up to you:

  • Log your time or distance.

  • Record the course conditions.

  • Observe how the workout felt.

  • Note cross-training and recovery work.

  • Consider how running fits into your life.

  • Track your gear usage.

  • Plan races and review them.

  • Reflect on your goals and season.

Taking as little as one minute each day to thoughtfully engage with your training can transform you. Just by putting pen to paper, you will find new momentum to power each workout. Day by day, you will unlock insights into you and create a physical object that holds your physical efforts. Your Believe Logbook will become a snapshot, a goldmine, and a story of how running is woven into your life.

BONUS: Orders through Picky Bars come with a special signed card featuring a poem written by Lauren Fleshman!

Believe Logbook
Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas
Paperback with full-color interior. Covers 6 months. Back cover has no decal.
6″ x 7 ½”, 112 pp., $17.95, 9781937715625