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Breakfast Hot Dog Bundle

Picky Bars

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Banana)

Ok so hear us out. Breakfast Hot Dogs came to us while we were whipping up one of the first batches of Performance Pancakes. We were marveling at their deliciousness straight off the griddle, how you could seemingly just grab one and run out the door.

And yeah, Performance Pancakes are great plain, but aren't they more fun with toppings? And don't athletes love bananas? And isn't literally everything better with Drizzle?? And wouldn't it be INCREDIBLE to have all of that, and still be able to run out the door with them without dirtying another dish?! The answers are all yes, thanks to the Breakfast Hot Dog.

This bundle has all the fixing to make your own Breakfast Hot Dogs (B.Y.O.B.) A bag of Chip Chip Hooray Performance Pancakes, a jar of Drizzle, and an exclusive Breakfast Hot Dog sticker (available only with this bundle & for a limited time!)


1. Whip up a batch of pancakes (the thinner the better), careful not to overcook 2. Fold pancake around banana 3. Drizzle! 4. Eat while running out the door, or whenever you don't feel like doing dishes.

Do you have other creative ways to make-and-take your pancakes? Please share! We're trying hard to never wash another plate again.

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