Coexist Sticker

Picky Bars

The radical idea that there's no one "best" way

Coexist is about the crazy idea of pursuing long term health without extremes. That food groups shouldn’t be demonized and that quick fixes should only be used when patching a tire mid-ride. That a B+ diet full-time is better than an A+ diet some of the time. That the right approach is finding what works for YOU, not your neighbor, training partner, or what the media is telling you to do. That the best plan is the one you can stick to. Learn more about Coexist

Looking to promote the message even louder? Grab a Coexist t-shirt! ($5 from each one sold goes to NEDA)

5.75 x 2" vinyl die-cut sticker. Sticks to basically anything. Artwork by our own Kelli Cromsigt.