Front Lines Support Bundle

Picky Bars

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Support for those fighting COVID-19

Healthcare workers, grocery clerks, delivery drivers, law enforcement... To anyone on the front lines keeping things running during this COVID-19 crisis, we sincerely salute you. Inspired by our AmBADASSador Phil and his wife Jennie (photo 2), we wanted to create this special discounted bundle as a small token of our gratefulness to those putting the well-being of their communities over their own. Fill up on a quick, easy, and portable breakfast with our instant Picky Oats cups, and grab-and-go nutrient-dense Picky Bars to keep energy levels high through the day.

  • 6 single-serve, eat-right-out-of-the-cup Performance Oatmeal cups
  • 16 Picky Bars (2x each flavor, minus Lauren's Mega Nuts)
    • 180-190 calories each, 6-7g protein
    • GF, DF, Soy+GMO-free
    • Nutrition Info

photo 2: Picky AmBADASSador Phil plants the seed for this idea.

photo 3: 50 Front Lines Support Bundles delivered to our local hospital, St Charles Medical Center in Bend.