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Jesse's Kona Hat

Picky Bars

Jesse Barreled in a Wave on his Bike

"GUYS. You know what would be sick?" Liz is already dreaming of the surf and sand during our pre-Kona marketing meeting, "Jesse on his bike. Barreled in a wave. On a hat."

And so we ran with it (missed pun intended), and brought it to life by yet another incredible design by Anna Kalbrener. CEO Jesse Thomas' first trip to Ironman World Championships will forever be memorialized in the second best way we know how... on a hat. (He'll have to work a little harder for a namesake bar.)

Celebrate your love of triathlon, the ocean, and/or keeping the sun out of your eyes with this commemorative Ironman Kona hat. Grey bill and mesh back, white foam front, two-tone blue screen printed design, one size fits all. #16 in the world, #1 in your hat hoarding hearts.

Jesse's 2016 Ironman Kona results: 8:29.40, 16th overall