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Jesse's Sustainable Stand Up Desk

Picky Bars

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Would a stand up desk improve your Work From Home set up? Would you prefer it be inexpensive, and if possible, environmentally friendly?! DO WE HAVE THE THING FOR YOU!

Jesse has been using this utilitarian method for years at Picky HQ, and now you can have one, too! Three flat boxes that easily assemble with a few pieces of tape*, with customization on monitor and keyboard height by changing the orientation of each box. Great for keeping hips loose and when your WFH wetsuit is too tight to sit down in.

Each box is repurposed and comes with a certified "BOOM! Recycled." stamp.

* tape not included

While supplies last

(ironically, shipping is kind of a bear, which is why these repurposed boxes are $10 outside of the STANDUPDESK deal)