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Kayakers Trucker Hat

Picky Bars

"The Bens" Kayaker Trucker Hat

As everyone knows, it's imperative to have a trucker hat for every occasion. So when a river day calls, or you can't decide between wearing brown or black, or fall is in the air and you're wishing it was still summer... this hat has your back. Err, your head.

This hat was designed by our ever-rad Anna Kalbrener, who morphed two separate instagram photos from Picky Team kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Ben Marr into one swirly, twirly, white-water'y piece of awesomness. The artwork originally appeared on a vinyl sticker we created for Ben & Ben's National Geographic Adventurer of the Year nomination, and we liked it so much we slapped it on a lid. (Stickers on the forehead just weren't cutting it anymore...)

FIT NOTE: These hats have a slightly different fit than our regular trucker hats, with a shorter and flatter bill, and shallower head space. If you've got an XL noggin this might not be your glass slipper, Cinderella.