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Strava Challenge Bundle

Picky Bars


You did it. You crushed Turkey Week!

Congratulations on completing our Turkey Week Workout Streak Strava Challenge! You unlocked access to this exclusive bundle at a discount even hotter than grandma's apple pie.

You'll get: One bag of PB&J All Day Performance Granola, two pouches Performance Oatmeal (How 'bout Dem Apples + Can't Beet Chocolate), and four of our top-performing Picky Bars (Lauren's Mega Nuts, Ah, Fudge Nuts, Blueberry Boomdizzle, and Moroccan Your World)

That's over a $30 value (including shipping), but for you, Kings and Queens, you can have it for $15. Talk about kudos that pay...

*for specific nutrition info click each flavor link*

**Limit one Strava Bundle Per Customer**