#lifepoints has served as a feed bank of inspirational photos, messages, and stories (from people just like you!) since its inception in 2014. Scrolling through the gallery of gorgeous vistas and scenic triumphs got us wondering though, what’s holding people back from chasing down their ultimate adventure? Is it fear, gear, motivation, or funds?

Picky Bars wants to help break down some of those barriers, so we’re back again this year with round two of… <drumroll please>

Picky Bars Lifepoints Adventure Grants

[photo credit Luke Kelly, a 2016 grant winner]

[Read about 2016’s adventures]


  • What: Three (3) $1,000 grants to fuel your next #lifepoints adventure (apply for one)
    • Family & Friends – Quality time with your kids or a camping trip your pops to his favorite childhood spot.
    • Community Spirit – Leave it better than you found it. Give back to a group, place, or movement that means something to you.
    • Soloist – A personal mission deserves your undivided attention.
  • Why: Because we want to Fuel Your Great Experiences and pay forward some booyah.
  • How to Apply: Submit below by March 26th
  • When you find out: Selected applicants will be contacted by April 7th, and announced on May 1st.

This year’s grants honor the connections that come from exploration and experience – both interpersonal and intrinsic – regardless of the locale.

So if you’ve been dying to take your kids to the Grand Canyon, want to volunteer for an overseas home build project, or dream of a multi-day backpacking venture, there’s an Adventure Grant with your name on it. $1,000 won’t take you around the world, but it might be just the kick in the pants you need to take your dream trip from concept to reality.

In the application below tell us about your dream adventure, and what’s holding you back from going after it. Picky Bars will choose three grantees based on merit and need, and award a combination of cash, gift cards, and/or gear to help subsidize your trip.

Good luck, and see you out there!

Interested? Apply Below!
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Closes March 26th at midnight. Official Rules.


[Typeform application above. If you run into trouble submitting, please contact lifepoints@pickybars.com]