So, here’s the thing about the #lifepoints project: It was never REALLY about the wrappers.

Well, of course it was, but there’s so much more to it.

The heart of #lifepoints is about encouraging people to get out there and do something above the ordinary. Like Mario bopping his head on a brick and collecting a gold coin, we envision lifepoints as imaginary currency you earn each time you do something awesome. It doesn’t have to be summiting Everest or breaking tape at a race, just something that would have you thinking, “Damn, that was a GOOD day. I’m proud of myself!” as you drift off to sleep at night.

Bonus points if it gets other people thinking, “Man, I’m gonna go out and get me summa dat!”

There were SO MANY photos capturing that exact feeling. The encouragement and inspiration palpates through the screen while scrolling through #lifepoints on Instagram; virtual high fives and fist bumps being shared between each little square like a little community of super rad people doing super rad things just sprung to life before our eyes.

Since we’re now just one week away from revealing the full new lineup (!!), we thought we’d share some of the wrapper-worthy submissions that came thiiiiiiiiiiis close but didn’t quite make the cut to the new lifepoints wrappers. The “losers” embodying that #lifepoints spirit that we just loved too much not to share.

Lifepoints Runners-Up


@caldwell541   |||   @celieeeeeee


@comeback_runner   |||   @scrawnylion


@laurakleffman   |||   @speedymama


@mtnaltruist   |||   @splash_22


@madamichelle   |||   @INPYN

Right?!? It’s kind of hard to believe it gets much better than that. For a second we thought about throwing together ten new flavors just so we could use all these, too. (Sadly the idea got shot down pretty quick – Something about “lead time” or “overhead cost” or “don’t be ridiculous” or something…)

The good news for everyone that didn’t make the cut this round: We’ll be picking new photos every few months! Our bars get to stay fresh and you get maximum opportunities to become Wrapper Model famous*. So keep hitting the trails, waves, slopes, moonlit-paths, and adventure routes, and sharing your #lifepoints with us!

Stay tuned to see what #lifepoints could have possibly topped these – November 13th is the big reveal!


*fame not gauranteed