Introducing….(drumroll please!)…..Jennifer Hughes and Loren Polster! Jenn and Loren are two of the most important people to know in the Picky Bar family. Collectively, they are responsible for all the visual / brand content, and all the day-to-day bar making.

Jenn: Director of Operations, the Glue that Holds Picky Bars Together
Jenn is the force that keeps Picky Bars running. Without her prodigious bar making, shipping, and management talents, Picky Bars would probably implode (black hole status). A born writer, she majored in journalism at the U of O and moonlights by writing running articles in her spare time. She also puts on a sweet annual food and bike tour call the Farm to Farm Century, and is working towards a half-marathon PR! During the dawn of Pickyland, she started off as a lowly bar maker and now works as the Director of Operations. See kids, dreams really can come true. On an unrelated, but important side note, to the right is the meanest face Jenn can make. We tried for hours.

Loren: Creative Marketing Genius/Design Geek, Fooseball Master
Loren is the nerdy, creative genius that produces all of our visual content and does a bunch of other stuff that no one understands. He’s spent a nomadic last couple of years, and eventually landed in Eugene after living in New Zealand. Apart from being Jesse’s cousin, his claim to fame is being the undisputed foosball champion of the Picky Bar team (we’re currently waiting for someone to take him down—please).

Both Loren and Jenn are the first full-time employees hired by the original founders. This has been a big step for Picky Bars. All those months of quiet hard work and belief in a company based on Jesse’s digestive issues (ahem) are finally paying off. Thanks everyone!