Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. When life doesn’t go as planned in the backcountry, you sure as summit better have a good backup plan and a quick-thinking noggin atop those strong legs of yours. Central Oregon’s own Jessica Slaughter found herself strayed from her plan in the Cascades, but made the most of the surprise adventure.

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Jessica Slaughter – @SpeedyMama – Sisters, OR

This particular day we had set out to summit Middle Sister one last time this summer, but we went off trail (not my idea) and ended up on the flanks of North Sister instead. We were separated from the approach to Middle Sister by a deep chasm so instead of retracing our steps and getting back on track, we decided to spend 16 miles exploring North Sister instead. North is a completely different beast with extremely deep loose scree and giant loose boulders everywhere. Literally everything you touch moves. It was humbling and left me awestruck with respect for this lady. She definitely is not as “easy” as her southern sisters. 😂 But the gist of the story is that adventures don’t always go as planned, but the joy is in the journey. Be safe, be prepared, and be willing to venture into the unknown.

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