OH MAN. New flavor, new color, awesome new lifepoints photo and story to share. Hello Moroccan Your World! This shot from Satish stood out because it shows some of the behind-the-scenes, glamor-less, unintended memories that come with a real adventure. We knew we had to have it in the lineup, and this curiously unique flavor was the perfect place for it. Check out Satish’s story behind the shot, and grab some Moroccan Your World today!

* Brief pause to recap what lifepoints is and how they end up on the wrappers of Picky Bars. #lifepoints encourages people to share their living-life-to-the-fullest moments. Whether it’s a bike ride with an old friend, swing set time with your kids after work, or a soul-cleansing trail run… Anything that makes you think, “Heck yes, this is living right!” Share your photos by tagging them #lifepoints on social media to join the fun and be considered for a future wrapper.

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Satish Shrestha – @stompinggrizzly – Spokane, WA

After an epic backpacking trip that included hiking in the southwest desert, and skinny dipping in a secret hot spring, my head was clear and my heart was beyond happy. As I was waiting for a ride from my friends, I was romping and stomping feeling that I was at my prime. This day captured lifepoints as I washed off all my stress in a secret hot spring in the white rock canyon, and I dried off all my worries in the southwest heat 😉

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