Angela’s Boomdizzle Cobbler

January 23, 2015

Blueberry Boomdizzle Individual Cobbler

Gluten Free Dairy Free and Vegan.

By: Angela Shatting, Marketing Maven, mom of two, and creative kitchenista (we just made that up)

I wanted to make a sweet treat that was fun, easy, and a little different. Booyah- here’s a gluten free, dairy free, and vegan Blueberry Boomdizzle Individual Cobbler recipe. This was a huge hit in my house! I loved twisting the lid on to save everyone’s personal leftovers.  (edited to add: we’re shocked there were any leftovers!) This would make a great treat for travel, camping, or parties… guests can take their treat home! I’m going to surprise friends with these after a long trail run as incentive to run with me!

This recipe is adapted from several others I’ve used in the past. I took what I liked, experimented a bit and added a little of this and that. Notes are included on how to make with regular flour and dairy products. Enjoy!


Serving Size:

4 -12 oz servings. (I used wide mouth Mason Jars.)


4 cups Fruit. (I used blackberries, blueberries and pears.)

¾ -1 cup Sugar (depending on your taste), divided 

1 cup Gluten Free Flour Mix (I used Namaste) or 1c regular flour

½ tsp Baking Powder

Pinch of salt

1 cup Almond Milk (or regular milk)

2 Blueberry Boomdizzle Picky Bars, divided

optional: 4tbs coconut oil, butter or dairy free butter option (avoid hydrogenated oils), divided


Preheat your oven to 375.

Grease the inside of 4 Mason Jars with coconut oil or butter. (Wide mouth jars make this a-hecka-of-a-lot easier.)

Dice fruit if needed, add all 4 cups to bowl.

Add ¼ cup to ½ cup of sugar to the mixed fruit. Stir to coat the fruit.

Cut or tear the Blueberry Boomdizzle Picky Bars into tiny pieces. I cut each bar into 16 pieces.

In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients: 1 cup flour, ½ cup sugar, ½ tsp baking powder and a pinch of salt.

Add almond (or regular) milk.  Start with ¾ cup and add the remainder ¼ cup as needed.

Notes on adding liquid to flour: Gluten free flour typically needs more liquid. Regular flour needs less. If using regular flour add ¾ cups milk and mix. The consistency should be a littler thicker than cake batter. If you need more add sparingly until you get to 1 cup. The batter should not be watery!

Add the fruit and Picky Bar pieces to the jars in layers. Add fruit first, then a layer of Picky Bars and repeat. Divide equally between each jar.

Optional: Put a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil, butter, or butter substitute on top of the final layer. This will make the cobbler more rich and gooey.

Divide the batter equally among the 4 jars.  Add a little at a time to each jar. Gently tap the bottom of the jar on the counter top so the batter seeps down into the fruit.

Place on a cookie sheet (to catch over spill) and bake at 375 for 30-35 minutes.

Let cool, mix up and enjoy! For the most delicious results bake in the morning or the day before serving.


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