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The answers to all your wildest dreams Picky questions. 


Since Picky Bars are made from REAL food, they can be affected by extreme temperatures. They get a little bit harder in cold temps, but still very edible and delicious!  Extreme heat for long periods of time can make the oil in the nuts go rancid as well. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid storing the bars in locations that are exposed to high temperatures.

Why whenever you want of course! There is never a wrong time to enjoy the deliciousness of Picky Bars. First off, they make great snacks for anytime! Plus, they were originally designed to be munched on 30 minutes before, during, and right after workouts!

Anywhere from 47%-66% of the sugar in a Picky Bar comes from fruits, nuts and grains. The remainder of the sugar comes from all natural sweeteners, honey or agave, and the chocolate chips that we have in some of the bars. (Bars that contain chocolate chips include: Ah Fudge Nuts, Lauren's Mega Nuts, Smooth Caffeinator, All-in Almond and Need for Seed) 

Indeed they are! Certified gluten free to be exact! They are dairy free as well! Bonus points for being soy free too!

Picky Oats are all organic. 

Picky Bars and Granola are not fully organic, but we consciously select organic where it matters most without driving up the consumer cost. Thin-skinned fruit, roots, seeds, etc.

Some of our bars are, yes. Our vegan bars include: Ah Fudge Nuts, All in Almond, Blueberry Boomdizzle, Cookie Doughpness and Smooth Caffeinator. The rest only contain one non-vegan ingredient: Honey.

Picky Oats are totally vegan!

Performance Granola contains honey.


Yes! Shipping and handling is a little more expensive, but we are able to ship via USPS to international addresses. Sorry international peeps, shipping isn't free. Customs/duties/tax fees may apply from your local government also. Picky Bars does not cover cost of any customs/duties/fees.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to ship to the UK.

Yep! Sign into your account on the top right hand side of the screen ---> click "view/edit" next to your subscription ---> choose the frequency you want to switch it up to: 1 month / 2 months / 3 months or just choose the date you'd like your next club box to be shipped. If you have any troubles or would just rather contact a smiling face, you can email the Clubber Service Team at pickyclub@pickybars.com

Of course! We think this is the perfect gift! Just make sure to fill out the shipping information of the person who will be receiving this amazing gift from you. 

You are in luck! Just like you can fully customize the number of bars, the favor mix and when you receive them in the beginning, they can all be changed around depending on what you need. Simply sign into "My Account", click "view/edit" next to your subscription and see all the options to make changes to every part of your Picky Club.

Yep! Just send an email to the Clubber Service Team at pickyclub@pickybars.com at least 72 hours before your next club is due to ship. If it's a consumption thing, sign into "My Account" and you can always change up the quantities, how frequently your club box ships, or just push the next ship date into the future for a chance to work through your stash.


Heck no! Are you kidding me!? We personally don’t like eating chemicals, and we don’t enjoy gas, diarrhea, and bloating. But to each their own.

About 11mg in Smooth Caffeinator, roughly equivalent to a big sip of coffee.

Real food! Each bar starts with a base of dates and a nut or seed butter, then we add in dried fruits, nuts, spices, and fun mix ins for each flavor. Rice crisp adds some light crunch and sprouted brown rice protein offers a plant-based muscle-repairing punch. 

We switched from agave to tapioca in the summer of 2018. Nutrition-wise, tapioca (from the cassava root) uses natural enzymes rather than acid to process the starch into sugar and is lower in fructose than agave. The taste is less sweet than agave, allowing the nuts and fruits to be the real stars, and we’ve found the bars have an awesomely soft and chewy texture less prone to crumbling. Score! It also decreases our added sugar content in each bar to about 4-5g for most flavors, about enough energy to power you through about a lap around a track on its own, and when paired with the other ingredients, you get energy that both fuels and sustains. While we are aware that sugar is the latest fad ingredient on which to blame all human suffering, we simply don’t think a rock hard sugar-free brick is appetizing, or necessary.

All of Picky Bars products are Kosher certified.

Our Bars and Oatmeals are certified with Orthodox Union.

Granola is certified with Oregon Kosher (Kosher Pareve)

Our Drizzle is Oregon Kosher, but does not have the Kosher Label on the jar, just so you know!


Find a retailer near you at pickybars.com/find

Yes! Slowly but surely we are expanding outside the U.S. Pick us up in CanadaDubaiKoreaPeruSweden and the U.K..

Click here for an application or send us an email at sales@pickybars.com and we'll hook you up!


Short version: just about anything available on pickybars.com

Redeem your Picky Points for coupons to purchase bars or merch. Picky Club is already discounted for clubbers so no go with points redemption, but! you do earn points on your club subscription. 

Redeeming your Picky Points is a super simple three step process: 

1. Sign into your Picky Bars account to check how many points you have to spend. Click on the little Earn Picky Points! tab on the left hand side of your screen. You will see a pop up appear with Rewards and Earn Points options.

2. Redeem your Picky Points for a coupon:

Click the 'Rewards' tab.

Click the coupon you would like to redeem points for and confirm the purchase.

You will be presented with the coupon code which you should copy to use in the checkout. An email confirmation will also be sent to the email address associated with your Picky Bars account.

3. Redeem the coupon:

Apply the coupon code when completing the checkout for your purchase. Viola!

Our rewards program is totally free! We do it to say "thank you" for your awesomeness.

Nope, we want to reward our loyal customers so if points collecting is your gig, get after it!


Yes! Shipping is expensive (Sorry!), but we are able to ship via USPS to international addresses. Be prepared for letters from your local gov offices requesting payment of customs and/or duty before your shipment will be delivered (Sorry x2). Picky Bars does not cover the cost of customs/duties/taxes.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to ship to the UK.

Shopping from pickybars.com is easy, but sometimes goofs happen. Should you need to return something we'll happily take it back, under these conditions...

Food Products

We Messed Up:

If you received the wrong product (flavor, quantity etc), expired products, or damaged goods we will send you a new shipment without requiring the return of the original shipment. Because oops, that’s our bad. If the shipment you received is what is on the packing slip, it is considered the correct order. If you receive the incorrect item from what you ordered, and prefer a refund instead of receiving the correct shipment, you will be refunded. If product is damaged, please send us a picture of the damaged product to customerservice@pickybars.com

You Changed Your Mind:

While we cannot accept food returns as they cannot be resold, we do want to be reasonable if you would like to return a product because you do not like the taste or ordered too much. Please return the product to the address listed below. Please note, Picky Bars does not cover the cost of returning the products. If returning, please include your order number in the shipment. Once received, we will refund you the cost of the product. 


Non-edible merchandise may be returned as long as it is unworn or unused for a full refund. If you prefer an exchange (instead of a refund), we will exchange non-edible items if unworn or unused for the correct size/item as long as it is available. (Different priced items will be charged/refunded accordingly.) Please return the item you are wanting to return or exchange to the address listed below, once we have the original item back, we will either refund you the cost of the product or ship out the preferred size to you. Please include your order number in the shipment as well as the preferred size (if applicable).

Laird Superfood/Picky Bars

ATTN: Returns
335 W Lundgren Mill Drive
Sisters, OR 97759

Contact Us

Our customer service team is super helpful and here to take care of you.

Email: myfeedback@pickybars.com
Phone: 888.670.6796 ext 1 (no texts, please) This will lead you to Laird Superfood Customer Support

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