Nutrition Nuggets

We believe real food is the best fuel, and when balanced the right way, can power you through whatever workout, long work day, or goal race you have on tap. All of our foods are created with active people in mind, with sound nutrition and banging flavors anyone can enjoy.


Picky Bars

Our mission with Picky Bars was clear: Create a real food energy bar balanced for sport. That meant easy-to-digest, feel-good ingredients, carefully mixed to create a macronutrient harmony that’ll support big workouts and training, without the chemicals or cheap fillers found in lots of sport-specific products. We might be biased, but we kinda nailed it.

Combining fast-acting carbs and long-lasting fats (with a touch of protein for recovery) we cracked the code on keeping the engine running happy.

Soft and slightly sweet thanks to our primary ingredients of dates and a nut/seed butter, they’re great just before a workout, during a low-moderate effort outting, or anytime you need a snack. Because even more importantly than how they perform, they have to taste good, too.


Picky Oats

Convenient, hearty, and carefully balanced, we made Picky Oats because big days deserve a good start. A familiar and trusted food, we elevated instant oatmeal for performance while keeping the ingredient list short and nutrients high.

Starting with a core of rolled oats, chia seeds, and date pieces (for some natural sweetness) each flavor then gets a boost from “power ingredients” like beets, goji berries, almonds, matcha green tea, and ginger. All natural, crazy delicious.

Thanks to the teamwork with New York Times bestselling cookbook author Elyse Kopecky, we combined a chef’s palate and our athletic know-how to develop the ultimate performance breakfast, and the finished product is a real winner.


Sound nutrition means utilizing all three macronutrients to their fullest potential; Carbs, Fat, and Protein all serve key purposes in keeping energy stores topped off and the body running right. Picky Bars + Picky Oats have carefully crafted, intentional nutrient balance to serve athletes and generally active people with the fuel they need. We’re not down with fads, unnecessary eliminations, or unsustainable, restrictive plans. That ish is whack.


The easiest fuel source to convert to energy, we use a mix of sugar (fruits), starch (grains), and fiber (fruit + nuts) to give quick and lasting energy without dramatically spiking blood sugar. This keeps the body’s energy stores topped off with glucose - its preferred fuel source - and running happy. Let your body work smarter, not harder!


If carbs are the fire starter, fats are the big logs that keep the fire going. Essential for growth and energy, we add healthy fats such as nuts and seeds for satiation and fueling. While tougher to convert to fuel than carbs or protein, fat is the most energy efficient macronutrient - offering nine calories for each gram (versus four from carbs and protein.) When immediate-energy glucose gets sparse the body turns to fat for energy, so it’s important to incorporate those good healthy fats in your regular diet.


Protein is key for building and repairing muscle tissue after big workouts, but too much can cause a real stress on your body, especially depending on its source. (Animal, soy, whey, plant...) We use an organic sprouted brown rice protein in Picky Bars that’s minimally processed under low temps to keep the integrity of those hard working amino acids in tact. All 10+ grams of protein in Picky Oats comes entirely from the oats, nuts, and chia seeds - no added powder! Booyah.


Gluten. Dairy. Soy. GMO. We left out these common digestive irritants and honestly, don’t think anyone’s missing them. With Steph’s Celiac Disease and Jesse’s fart’y parties (not as fun as they might sound) we hard-passed on it all. Even if you’re not allergic or sensitive, enjoy Picky Bars and Oats knowing they’re free of all that noise.



The nuts, fruits, and grains that you see and taste are the workhorses behind Picky Bars and Picky Oats. Natural, carefully balanced, and packed up easy for the going’est of the on-the-go’ers. Real food wins.

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Will they freeze/melt?

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Are they vegan?

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How do you prepare the oatmeal? Can I eat it right out of the packaging?

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Why tapioca?

We replaced agave with tapioca syrup summer of 2018. From the cassava root, tapioca is a natural starch which is converted to sugar using natural enzymes (rather than an acidic hydrolysis process like some syrups.) It has a very neutral flavor profile and is concentrated without being overly sweet. The best part is it has a blend of simple + complex carbs (a disaccharide, if you want to get technical) so you get instant energy without as much of an affect on blood sugar as straight.