Our story starts with three dreamers.

Everyone meet: Jesse.

(4 time Wildflower champion)

Pro triathlete with a picky side.

Wayyy back in 2010 jesse set his sights on being really fast on land, in water and on wheels (some call it a triathlete). He needed a bar that satisfied his nutritional and training needs to eat before, after and even during workouts and easily digestible real food fuel.

But the only bars on the market were either performance bars full of gnarly ingredients or real food bars, not balanced for sport. No bar could provide both was it even possible?

Enter Jesse’s better half: Lauren.

(2 × 5k champ and 5k NCAA champ)

Pro runner and genuine badass.

Anything’s possible with a degree in science and athletic performance from Stanford.

With injury came angst, time, and the need for life balance. It was a perfect opportunity to support her hubby in his pursuits. So Lauren started creating what couldn’t be found: performance and real food bar, resulting in the untimely death of 10 food mixers.

Lauren’s pal: Steph.

Pro marathoner on a tiny frame.

Boom! Picky took off like a rocket.

So what are we up to now?

Livin’ the Picky Life, a life we subscribed to way before Picky Bars. We’re setting goals and chasing dreams, in and out of the office. We’re working our butts off to create the lives we want, without losing sight of life along the way.

Picky gives us a way (via your stomach) to connect with like-minded people, spotlight heroes, and fuel and encourage you to keep (or begin) livin’ a life you’re pumped about. When you pull a Picky Bar out of your bag, we want you to be like “Booyah, let’s do this! Let’s eat well and live big!” That’s the whole reason we started the business, to fuel a cycle of support, and with yours, we will continue expanding this mission, with steez*.

So if you get anything from our story… dream, support, trailblaze, and enjoy it .

* Style with ease, of course.