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Feed the Dream 2016

February 17, 2016

Feed the Dream 2016

Picky Bars is going to help Feed The Dream™ of 100 Olympic Trials Qualifying Athletes with a free 24 bar Picky Club membership leading up to the Olympic Trials. Any sport. No strings attached. Just train hard, eat well, and chase your dreams.

From Co-Founder and recipe creator Lauren Fleshman:

Even though pursuing high level sports is about way more than any one race, there is a pull to the Olympic Year that makes you extra determined to leave no stone unturned. Nutrition is a huge part of preparation, and quality food is freaking expensive. Lucky for me, I’m surrounded by it now.

The majority of my racing career, there was no energy bar made of REAL FOOD that applied sports nutrition principles for performance. Picky Bars is that bar. I never intended on it becoming a business really. It was a food item I wanted for me, for my husband who was having a go at triathlon, and for my training buddy Steph Bruce. The business side was just supposed to be a healthy distraction while recovering from a major injury. Something to keep my mind busy and a fun thing to do with my friend. I expected the business side to fail once my running picked back up, figuring my passion for it would dwindle the better my racing went. At that point, I’d go back to making bars for just us.

In those first two years, Jesse went from unknown rookie to one of the best in the world, I won USA’s and a Diamond League 5k, and had my best World Champs finish (7th), and Steph broke 2:30 in the marathon while becoming a serious threat on the roads. Picky Bars were feeding our dreams, literally. And, unexpectedly, the business provided some life balance that helped all three of us perform better, and connected us with fans of the sport in cool, unexpected ways. Picky Bars not only survived. It grew.

So here we are. Five years later. Heading into an Olympic year. After achilles surgery and a slow recovery, my Olympic Dream is a long shot. I still hold a candle for my dream, but I also hold a candle for all the otherdreamers over the next five months. All of us at Picky Bars do.

The Feed the Dream project was created to support athletes during one of the most rigorous and important times in their athletic career. If you are qualified for the Olympic Trials in your sport, and want a free Picky Club membership (the 24 bar big mama, delivered every month to your doorstep through the Olympic Trials) apply below. Literally no strings attached. Be sponsored by some other bar company, we don’t care. We have the best bars. REAL BALANCED FOOD does REAL WORK, and we would be honored to feed your dream.


Lauren Fleshman
(on behalf of Jesse, Steph, and the whole Picky Crew)


Official Feed the Dream Rules, Terms, and Conditions

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