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Feed the Dream - Challenged Athletes

February 07, 2019

Feed the Dream - Challenged Athletes

Feed the Dream is back! This year we're offering a $1,000 grant, free Picky Club membership, access to Jasyoga's yoga-for-athletes video library, and $15 from every Feed the Dream T-shirt sold to support one athlete pursuing the next level of their sport. Inspired by Need for Seed wrapper star hand cyclist André Kajlich and our work with the Challenged Athlete's Foundation, this year's program will benefit athletes with disabilities competing at an elite level in any sport.

This year's criteria is:

  • Performs with a permanent physical or cognitive disability
  • Competes at an elite level
  • 18+ years old, US-based

Up for grabs for one chosen athlete:

  • Guaranteed $1,000 grant
  • Free $65+/mo Picky Club
  • Yoga for Athletes coaching, videos, and books by Jasyoga
  • $15 from every Feed the Dream T-shirt sold

Application deadline is February 22nd, selected athlete will be announced March 1st. Program runs through the end of the year, but our fandom is forever!

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Feed the Dream '19 Official Rules

Want to support Feed the Dream? Grab a shirt! $15 goes directly to the selected athlete's Competition Costs Stipend. (Bonus: They're super soft and crazy comfy!) SHOP: Feed the Dream T-shirt  $25