Jesse Thomas on the Rich Roll Podcast

May 20, 2019

Jesse Thomas on the Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll, the hugely accomplished ultra-endurance athlete, wellness advocate, and (we'll say it) podcast royalty had our very own CEO Jesse Thomas on his show in May. What!

Give it a watch or a listen below. Rich has some nice things to say about the "tri-preneur" and the two have a very genuine, thought-provoking chat about their similar yet tangential paths. From endurance athletics to their shared alma mater, growing into roles as fathers and businessmen.

And yes, they even did get a Flat Bruce at the end. 



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(from "Today we canvass a life in motion — from the Wildflower race that changed his life to his symbiotic relationship with entrepreneurship and family that fuels his purpose.

We discuss the importance of coaches. Leaning on mentors. The challenges faced by the retiring athlete. And the conundrum of replacing sport with newfound purpose and passion.

We explore the career importance of storytelling in the era of social media. Why he decided to start a podcast. And — most importantly — how he turned a cheap pair of aviator shades into a global multi-sport fashion trend.

But more than anything, this is a conversation about balancing work, play, and family at the highest level of elite sport. It’s about facing and overcoming obstacles. The mindset required for success. And the work ethic entailed to achieve your dreams."


Jesse Thomas on Rich Roll Podcast

Jesse Thomas Rich Roll Recording Flat Bruce