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Lifepoints Adventure Grants: The Winners

April 27, 2017

Lifepoints Adventure Grants: The Winners

Not that it came as much of a shock, but selecting the winners for our second Lifepoints Adventure Grants was not any easier than the first go round last year. So many inspiring stories, dreamy trips, and a lot of self control to not run out the door with our packs for an adventure of our own right then and there.

When we came up with the grant idea last year our hopes were pretty clear: Give people a nudge out the door on that trip, excursion, or adventure that they'd been dreaming about but just hadn't pulled the trigger on yet. Encouraging people to live their best lives is the #lifepoints doctrine, and this felt like a good way to help people make that happen.

So without further ado, here are the trips that will be getting $1,000 to bring them to life this summer...


Eleanor Battino

After graduating from undergrad this June, Eleanor has a year to herself before taking on med school. It won't be all pool days and Netflix marathons though - she's getting a head start on her career in the health field by traveling down to Nicaragua to volunteer for AMOS Health & Hope. The AMOS mission is "to improve the health of impoverished communities by working alongside them in health,education and development." Eleanor will spend her time in Managua empowering people (especially women) to take control of their health and the health of their families.


Andrea Dewhurst

Early intervention and special needs classes. Occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Diagnosed with autism and that "he wouldn't be like normal kids."

Andrea's son is now not only fully mainstreamed and fully abled, but has qualified for Triathlon Age Group Nationals as an equal (no special accommodations) and is ranked 84th in the nation! With this grant their whole family will get to travel to Omaha from Pennsylvania to watch him race. They're also planning on tacking on a couple extra days to see Mt Rushmore while they're out west. Go Michael!


Sheigh Crabtree (& Doyle)

A major barrier for solo adventures is safety. Being out in the wilderness alone requires skills and bravery, and a ton of confidence. Although no one hopes to need them, rescue crews dedicate their time and lives to making sure those out adventuring return home safely, in one piece.

Sheigh and her furry partner Doyle are apprentices for California Rescue Dog Association, working for the last two years towards their goal of becoming a certified backcountry rescue team. Skills tests are done and observations hours underway, and soon they'll head to Cody, Wyoming for a training session with some of the best dog teams in America. Getting Sheigh and Doyle through this next step means we're that much closer to a safer backcountry for everyone.