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"Paging Passengers for Flight ???"

May 18, 2018

"Paging Passengers for Flight ???"

When we came up for the idea of this trip, we were thinking about two pretty contrasting scenarios:

  • You’re in a new, obscure place, maybe on a business trip or just passing through, and want to find the cool thing to do/eat/see on the fly
  • You’re stuck in a rut doing the same old same old, either relishing in or resenting your comfort zone and routine, and want something to snap you out of it

The concept was simple but also kind of crazy: Send three people on a blind trip somewhere they’ve *probably* never been or considered going, and see what they make of it. Whether mining beta from the locals, poring over Yelp at the airport, or just wandering around to see what you stumble on, not everything needs to be pre-planned and dreamt about for ages beforehand. Sometimes you just find yourself somewhere cool - or, make something cool out of wherever you are.

Our three selected adventurers span the spectrum of personality and their desirability for this trip. Check ‘em out:


Homebase: Kentucky

This mom of three, family physician, marathoner, and church choir songbird hasn’t done anything for or by herself in a real long time. She prioritizes setting good examples of physical health for her kids, but wants to show (not just tell) them about the importance of personal wellness as well. A solo trip just for her will hopefully do just that.

MITCH BREKKE (Nominated by sister Jenna)

Homebase: Minnesota

Before his accident Mitch was a big time triathlete, cyclist, and skier. He’s making his way through rehab and recently got back on his bike, but hasn’t been out for much other than work and doctor’s appointments in the last 10 months. His sweet sister thinks that although he had a great attitude despite the circumstances, he could use a getaway to rejuvenate his spirit.


Homebase: Dallas

A teacher getting ready for grad school in the fall, her window for adventure is closing and her wallet’s already pretty sealed up. Short on time and cash, she’s stoked on the idea to just pack a bag, show up wherever, and be free of any agendas or constraints. One last hurrah? We gotchu girl...

They’ll be setting off on their still-TBD getaways in June, July, and August respectively, and we’ll have a recap of them all once the project wraps. Stay tuned!