Picky, Paula, Making Our Way Across the Pond

April 17, 2017

Picky, Paula, Making Our Way Across the Pond

Our expansion into international markets has been one part patience, one part hard work, and another part lucky timing, with about 75 miles of tight, windy learning curves along the way. After successfully (albeit slightly clumsily) navigating the distributor, customs, and wrapper translation processes it took to get across the border to Canada we felt ready to tackle the world! At a responsible and well-calculated pace, at least. Since then we've found great partners in Dubai and South Korea who've had great success bringing Picky to their local markets. It's been exciting (and kind of bizarre, honestly) seeing our little energy bars popping up in new corners of the globe!

And now we're excited to announce our next big move, thanks to the help of a long time friend and supporter...

Paula Radcliffe can only mean one thing...


Paula said, “I love Picky Bars and am so excited about them coming to the UK. The excellent taste and delicious flavors make fuelling your body for the workout and day ahead feel like a treat at the same time. Honestly, they are a great natural food option that also tastes amazing!”

Paula is known as one of the finest athletes of the modern era. She's the women's world record holder in the marathon, and won the London Marathon - where we'll be debuting at the expo - in 2002, 2003, AND 2005. She also won the New York Marathon and the Marathon World Championships in 2005, and is a top notch human being, to boot.

"Paula was my first sports hero, and what drew me to her then hasn't changed. She's smart, tenacious, generous, and real. Six years ago she went out of her way to encourage me, not just in my racing but in business, offering to help bring Picky Bars to Europe one day. Athletes supporting one another to take risks, to be leaders, to bring value, that’s what the sports world needs more of."
- Lauren Fleshman, co-founder
If you'll be in London for the marathon this weekend swing by the Alton Sports booth #513 on Saturday to say hi to Lauren (11am-5pm) and Paula (3:30-4pm). And for all you UK-based Picky eaters, you'll see us popping up on shelves at Alton Sports, Wiggle, Runner’s World, Moti and other specialty sports shops real soon!