Steph's a Bada$$

March 23, 2017

Steph's a Bada$$

The fastest Celiac this side of the Mississippi (probably anywhere, actually) is on the other side of the world getting ready to race in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships on Sunday. Yup, Steph’s in Uganda!

from Steph's IG

Steph’s always been gritty and determined. Lauren will attest it was Steph’s persistence (and premature blabbing to a major media publication) that got this crazy energy bar idea off the ground in the first place. That same hard nosed attitude and relentless belief in her abilities has gotten her to the pinnacle of performance, and more importantly, back to top form after taking time off to start a family. Since popping out those two cuties (Riley and Hudson) she's been absolutely crushing it, despite wearing more hats than her 20 year old self would've known what to do with. While juggling Mom, Coach, Business Owner, Wife, and Runner, Steph has had banner races in everything from XC, to the track, to the marathon. She ran a 2:32 and took second place at CIM in December, then hopped right into track season and qualified for the Olympic Trials 10k in July, and now here she is representing Team USA at Worlds after placing 7th at XC Nats here in Bend last month. Talk about all-around badass.

Five Facts to Know About the Team USA Women at World Cross

From Steph's Hoka NAZ teammate, Craig Lutz

She's the fittest she's been and feeling good about her training. Coupled with her veteran experience, she's hoping to help Team USA nab a high placing! We’re excited to root her and Team USA on Sunday, and if you happen to be awake and looking for something to do at the ungodly weekend hour of 5:55am PDT, tune in to IAAF: Website // @IAAF Proud of you, Steph!