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"So, what's the deal with Granola?"

January 25, 2019

"So, what's the deal with Granola?"

What makes Picky Bars Performance Granola so… performance’y?

It’s true that this product is the least focused on activity fueling in our lineup. While our bars are great for just before and during low to moderate exercise, and our Performance Oatmeal for fueling up with a full tank of balanced energy, Performance Granola is for everything in between.

Of course, we wouldn’t make something that you couldn’t count on to power you up a mountain or through a midday workout. Balanced with complex carbs, satiating fats, and natural protein, it can definitely do some heavy lifting. But this granola is just as down for a lazy morning breakfast, afternoon yogurt, movie-watching munching, or desk drawer snacking. It’s a feel-good fix for any time of day.

We took what we love about granola - its crunchy, munchy, tasty versatility - and improved where the traditional offerings were leaving us craving something more (or less, in some cases). Added our sports nutrition know-how and real food flair and BAM! That's a snack ready to perform.

Picky Bars Performance Granola



  • Athletically balanced with 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio
  • Lower added sugar than conventional granola
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Non-GMO. Just real food!
  • Developed with 2x NYT Best-selling cookbook author Elyse Kopecky



Our debut flavor and an instant hit, PB&J All Day is made with gluten free whole grain oats, peanut butter, cashews, and sunflower seeds, with strawberries AND raspberries for the perfect zing of flavor. Roasted with virgin coconut oil and a touch of honey, it has a well-balanced flavor without being overly sweet. (Only five grams of added sugar per serving!) We incorporated our trusty 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio too, so you get a good dose of naturally occurring protein in every bite without added powders or weirdness. It’s well balanced and athlete-minded, and you know any recipe from Elyse Kopecky is bound to podium in tastebud performance.

Picky Bars Performance Granola Stats

Picky Bars Performance Granola Highlights



No "sophomore struggle" here. Sassy Molassy features blackstrap molasses, which is rich in iron and potassium (common deficiencies in athletes) and took the flavor anchor role. It’s a highly functioning sweetener - essentially what’s left over after raw sugar cane has been fully extracted - and is super concentrated without being overly sweet, lending to Sassy’s warm and spicy overall flavor.

Pops of tart goji berries add texture and liveliness, plus a host of vitamins and minerals and a surprising amount of protein for a modest little berry. (Who knew?!) Coconut flakes give a spring of flavor, and to add some crunch and healthy fat, a big old handful of sunflower seeds and pepitas. From there we spiced it up with cinnamon and ginger, completing the sweet-yet-spicy profile.

Sassy Molassy Performance Granola