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It’s a regular occurrence at Picky HQ for someone to blurt out a “WHOA, HOLY ____!” at their desk, and there’s a high likelihood it’s something to do with Ben. He’s the type of dude you can count on to tackle the craziest thing you can dream up, and then make it even more extreme. Prime example: “That sounds sketchy, dude” Ben: “Ha, dude it’ll be sick!” (from Kayaking a Drainage Ditch) Long story short, he’s racking up #lifepoints left and right.

Q&A with Ben

Do you believe in astrology?
Astrology is neat but there is a little too much BS to wade through for me to pay too much attention to it! Oh did you just want a Y or a N? haha then sure why not.

Proudest accomplishment:
Reading (and listening to) 6 books so far this year.

Biggest supporter:
Like-minded friends.

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough:
I just try and remember to focus on breathing.

Favorite Place in the US:
White Salmon WA

What'd you want to be when you grew up?
Professional kayaker

Favorite Food:
Nutty cereal, or a wicked salad with fresh fish.




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