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Rob Krar


There’s more to Rob than a Triple Crown, plant-based diet, and an iconic beard… like a history of competitive badminton and a newfound love of ski mountaineering. Backyard sports aside though, we can’t help but root for this ultrarunning legend with a penchant for late race moves and stints in the pain cave.

Q&A with Rob

Describe yourself in three words:
Stubborn, persistent, shrewd

Who would play you in your biopic?
Daniel Day-Lewis

Wildest memory/moment from competing?
Alone on a snowy mountaintop in Norway was pretty surreal (photo below, credit to Alexi Berg)

Proudest non-sport accomplishment?
Navigating a beautiful and often confusing world with my soulmate

Best book you’ve read recently?
Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin

Why Picky Bars?
Picky Bars has been a part of my training and racing since 2012! With their ever expanding line, and now as part of the Laird Superfood family, Picky Bars plays an increasing role in my everyday health and nutrition. It's an honor to represent a company whose ethos and values align so closely with my own.

Rob on a snowy mountaintop, credit Alexi Berg

Photo cred: James Q Martin


Hmm...not sure

Home Base

Flagstaff, AZ


I highly dislike birthdays

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