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Anthony Clark


Some athletes have background stories of expected gradual progression, others more twists and turns, some so improbable as to become legend. And then there is Anthony Clark. Anthony's early days of fighting bullies, wrecking cars, and a few stints in jail took an abrupt turn when he found out he was going to be a dad, and decided to straighten up. He focused his energy (and transportation needs after getting his license suspended) on the bike, and quickly progressed into one of the nation's top Cyclocross racers. His "discovery" came at the hands of 4x national champ Jeremy Powers and a pair of jorts. (Read Jeremy's take.)
With his long hair, tattoos, and outlandish Twitter feed, Anthony is a fan favorite and an exciting dude to be involved with. We're stoked to watch him rip it up in 2016. All that's left to say is siiiikkkkkkk what$$!

Q&A with Anthony

Do you believe in aliens?
Yes there are aliens and yes there are totally babe aliens

Proudest accomplishment, professional:
Being selected for 2016 Cyclocross Worlds team

Who’s your biggest supporter?
My older brother and his family and my Lil Gavin (son)

What mantra keeps you going when the going gets tough:
Mantra when I freak out I breathe smooth powerful fast

Favorite Food:
kettle cooked chips flavored aged cheddar and horseradish

Why’d you choose Picky?
Picky bars … why cause theyre sikkkkk not sick all natural and my gut I sensation and they make my gut so happy wannanana sideways ligit

Anything else you want the people to know?
….. be sideways ???




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June 14th

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Highlight Reel

  • 2015 NBX Gran Prix Champ

  • 2016 World Cyclocross Team Selection

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