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Blake Leeper


Blake has overcome an incredible amount of adversity in his life, yet he is still one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. Blake describes himself as a fighter and inspires others on and off the track with his infectious smile and “why not me?” attitude. He is an eight-time Paralympian Track and Field international medalist and a world and American record holder. He is also a father, a motivational speaker, and a role model. (You may have seen him in a recent viral video inspiring a young boy walking in prosthetics for the first time. Talk about #lifepoints!) Blake’s commitment, passion, and love for the sport shines in everything he does. He is an athlete who has found deep meaning in his sport and has committed himself to helping others find their “why” as well. We are honored to help Blake fuel himself in order to achieve his athletic and life goals as he sprints towards the Olympic Games. Learn more about Blake’s story (and snag some sweet merch while you’re at it!) at www.leeper.run.

Q&A with Blake

Who would play you in your biopic?
Daniel Kaluuya

Wildest memory / moment from competing?
Running the 100m at a Paralympic race and my leg flew off right at the end!

Proudest non-sport accomplishment
Being a father to my 7-month year old daughter, Thea

Best book you’ve read recently?
"You Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins 

Why Picky Bars? 
Because I believe what they stand for as a company, the ingredients in their products for an athlete like me, and the bars are sooo tasty!!!!

blake dyptich




Home Base

Los Angeles, CA


August 31st

3 Words to Describe You

Funny, Outgoing, Fighter

Highlight Reel

  • Silver Medalist in the 400m at the 2012 Paralympic Games (London)
  • Bronze Medalist in the 200m at the 2012 Paralympic Games (London)
  • 2x World Record Holder
  • 3x American Record Holder 
  • 8x Paralympic Track and Field International Medalist 

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