Coexist: The radical idea that there's no one "best" way

Picky Bars Coexist Campaign
Co-founder Lauren Fleshman shares her thoughts on healthy food relationships + Coexist


Picky Bars believes, at its core, in a healthy, positive relationship with food.

While this comes naturally for some, it's a huge challenge for most, exacerbated by the food economy’s conveyor belt of food trends and the beauty and wellness industry’s dependence on our chronic dissatisfaction with our bodies. The reality is, we live in a time of fad diets, crazy gimmicks, and an endless search for the next "it" thing - Most of which lead to overly restrictive, non-sustainable habits and negative relationships with food and exercise. 

We’re not here for that b.s.

"Coexist" is about the crazy idea of pursuing long term health without extremes. That food groups shouldn’t be demonized and that quick fixes should only be used when patching a tire mid-ride. That a B+ diet full-time is better than an A+ diet some of the time. That the right approach is finding what works for YOU, not your neighbor, training partner, or what the media is telling you to do. That the best plan is the one you can stick to.

We all have our own body types, tastes, allergies, and medical history that inform our eating and exercise needs. Listen to them! Eating is something we will have to do for the rest of our lives, because our lives depend on it!

So let’s celebrate our bodies and their amazing capabilities. We hope you'll join us as we commit to building healthy, sustainable, POSITIVE relationships with eating and exercise.

* Over $4,000 was raised for the National Eating Disorders Foundation through sales of these shirts! *




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