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Jill Kintner


There are few people better on two wheels than Jill. Whether it's BMX in the Olympics, the pumptrack at world champs, literally any event at Crankworx, or the UCI World Cup, she's got her name on it. Her list of accomplishments is so long we had to trim it in half just to get it to fit on this page.

She's a blur at high speed and looks effortless in the air, and at the same time is someone you wouldn't be (too) scared to say hi to at the trailhead. She's cool for all the right reasons, and for as skilled as she is on a mountain bike, she's just as talented an artist. Check out her links below and keep an eye out for some creative fun coming soon!

Q&A with Jill

Who would play you in your biopic?
Emma Stone is one of my favs, but she looks nothing like me, so, dunno? :)

Wildest memory / moment from competing?
Crossing the finish line for an Olympic medal for sure!! Biggest joy and relief all at the same time.

Proudest non-sport accomplishment
Getting married to Bryn in 2013.

Best book you’ve read recently?
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight was pretty good. Becoming narrated by Michelle Obama was a great audio book for base miles as well:)

Why Picky Bars? 
Real food made with love is the best recipe :). Picky bars are delicious and easy on my stomach, which is a tricky combination to solve while riding/ racing, actually. Sometimes, nerves and the monotony of food is hard to deal with, so good snacks are important to keep me fueled and even boost morale:). I wholeheartedly value what the founders have done with their experience as pro athletes, testing everything and creating food for performance needs. It thrills me to be associated with a brand like Picky Bar and help spread the word about balanced nutrition to my fellow mountain bikers:)

Jill's a ripper on the bike, and just as talented an artist!
Check out her Art page, custom Ground Keeper fenders, and watch for some fun projects coming soon.






Home Base

Bellingham, WA


October 24th

3 words to describe you

Lighthearted, Detailed, Focused

Highlight Reel

  • Olympic BMX Bronze Medalist ('08 Beijing)
  • 3x UCI 4X MTB World Champ
  • 2x UCI World Cup 4X MTB Champ
  • 5x Queen of Crankworx
  • 43 Crankworx Gold Medals
  • 25 Elite USA Nat'l Championships
  • BMX Hall of Fame '12
  • Guest Appearance Oprah '08

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