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Lizzy VanPatten


Lizzy VanPatten is many things: an alpine and rock climber, a rock climbing guide, an entrepreneur, and a business owner. She is also caring, passionate, and the kind of person you immediately want to be friends with just so you can soak up some of her cool-ness. (If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re a big fan.) Lizzy is also not afraid to call out problems she sees in society, namely the lack of representation for women in the world of outdoor sports and rock climbing. To counter this issue, Lizzy co-founded She Moves Mountains, a guiding service that aims to create a space for female-identifying people in the outdoors. Almost year-round, She Moves Mountains offers climbing clinics and retreats in order to empower women in sport by providing them with tangible climbing skills. Lizzy inspires and teaches women to achieve things they never thought possible, breaking down barriers through her own presence and her ability to create a community of strong, capable women in the outdoors. Lizzy lives in Picky HQ’s hometown of Bend, Oregon and is often seen flashing routes and dreaming up her next big adventure in Smith Rock State Park. Learn more and get involved at shemovesmountains.org.


Q&A with Lizzy

Who would play you in your biopic?
Jennifer Lawrence because my friends tell me I'm like the real life Katniss

Wildest memory / moment from sport?
A few years ago when I was climbing in Patagonia a wild storm came in while I was 6 pitches off of the ground. The wind was unlike anything I had ever experienced, it felt like I was being body punched by God. I had been huddled at a belay for nearly an hour shivering as we set up to bail and told my partner I was so cold. He asked why I wasn't wearing the jacket I had in my pack. In all of the stress and commotion of trying to get off of the mountain in the wind and snow I forgot that I had another jacket with me. It was terrifying and miserable but eventually we made it back down safely.

Proudest non-sport accomplishment
Being the first person in my family to graduate from a university with a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Political Science/Social Studies. Starting She Moves Mountains.

Best book you’ve read recently?
Becoming by Michelle Obama

Why Picky Bars? 
I like that the founders are all athletes and care about the product they create. And everything Picky Bars makes tastes amazing, so that's pretty great too!

She Moves Mountains offers a variety of outdoor retreats and skills clinics, providing opportunities for the complete beginner to the advanced climber. Check them out!
From She Moves Mountains: "Whether you're brand new to both rock climbing or have years of experience, our retreats are one-of-a-kind. After four seasons of hosting these retreats, we have witnessed the barriers that can be broken and the community that can be formed in the presence of incredible women. The only thing we ask is that you show up!"






Home Base

Bend, OR


October 7th

3 words to describe you

Fierce, Resilient, Compassionate

Highlight Reel

  • 1st ascent of a 5.13 trad route (the most difficult trad line in Oregon, and maybe all of the PNW, established by a woman)
  • Flashed Der Sportsmen, an 11+/12- alpine route on Prusik Peak in the Enchantments
  • I climbed the Beckey-Chouinard route in the Bugaboos, which was a 22-hour effort after getting our ropes stuck on the descent. While this is far from the most difficult route I have ever climbed, I am proud of the teamwork and mental fortitude that was required to get back to camp safely.
  • This last year I decided to start running and 6 months in, I ran 32 miles with one of my besties for her 32nd birthday. I'm quite proud of that.

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