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Lieto has one of the most unique and (pardon the cheesiness) inspiring stories we know of in endurance sports. Growing up an overweight and self-proclaimed couch potato, Matt was never athletic. But twelve years ago he watched his brother (Chris Lieto) race Ironman Championships, and it flipped a switch in him to start getting active. He whittled his way down to a healthy weight by skateboarding at the park, and soon after found a love for triathlon. He’s been racing professionally since 2008. He also has SUPER impressive beer mile skills.

Q&A with Matt

Do you believe in astrology?
Yeah, I believe in stars. Wait, what?

Only when it involves probing.

Proudest accomplishment, professional:
Every time I cross a finish line after giving all I can is my new proudest moment. So… my last race.

Proudest accomplishment, non-pro:
Definitely transforming from a chubby couch potato at 255 lbs to an athlete worthy of fame and fortune in the way of free Picky Bars.

Biggest supporter?
My mother of course is my number 1 supporter. Mili dog also, at least I think she’s supportive… maybe she’s just hungry.

Mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough:
“You could be at a desk bro, move your ass”

What’d you want to be when you grew up:
I wanted to be a Pastor. Gulp. Didn’t happen.

Why pick Picky?
Simple. It’s real food that tastes good and a bar I can feel good about eating. In my training and racing I have to replace thousands of calories, and with Picky Bar I know I’m putting in the goods. That and Jesse won’t let me eat anything else.



Lieto, Bigmatt, Ghetto, Matty. I’ll know how good a friend you are by which one you use….

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May 4th

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