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Phil Gaimon


Phil is a former professional cyclist, currently chamois-deep in what he calls the “worst retirement ever.” If you have a KOM on a brutal Strava segment somewhere in the world and Phil hasn’t poached it yet, he’s coming.

Since retiring, Phil has brought humility and fun into the world of road riding, sharing his sufferfest attempts on Youtube and bringing riders of all abilities together at his Cookie Fondo. He’s a breath of slightly stanky fresh air in a sometimes stuffy arena, and never takes himself even close to too seriously. That’s obviously why we like him.

Q&A with Phil

Describe yourself in three words:
Bikes, Cookies, Books

Who would play you in your biopic?
Lance Armstrong

Wildest memory / moment from competing?
I made the early break at Paris-Roubaix one time.

Proudest non-sport accomplishment
So far since I retired from the pros I've used my platform and YouTube channel to raise 1.5 million meals for No Kid Hungry thanks to your donations, and I realized that competition isn't the only way to have impact in sports.

Best book you’ve read recently?
Calvin and Hobbes

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Phil the Thrill

Home Base

Los Angeles, CA


Jan 28 1986

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