Picky Pentathlon

picky pentathlon

Welcome to the first annual At-home Faux-lympics

(Rule 40 compliance, JIC), sponsored by Picky Bars

Compete at home for a chance to win!

This year's games will be decided by one event... comprised of five different events! The Picky Pentathlon!

  1. 50 foot Bag-on-head Dash (run 50 feet as fast as you can while balancing a bag of Picky Granola or Oatmeal on your head)
  2. Bar Hop (standing long jump, measured in Picky Bars)
  3. Granola Shot Put (shot put - yes, with a spin! - a bag of Picky Granola or Oatmeal)
  4. Off-hand Bar Javelin (throw a Picky Bar with your non-dominant hand as far as you can with a straight arm)
  5. The Hoover (eat a Picky Bar as fast as you can - timer starts once you start opening the wrapper, stops once swallowed)

    *note* Picky Bars, Granola, and Oatmeal are the standard weights and measures for the events, but substitutions are allowed within reasonable size / weight similarities. If you need product to do your Pentathlon, of course you can pick some up here.



    One male* and one female* winner will be declared scoreboard winners, based on the best collective score. (More points for lower sprint and eating times, higher jump and throw times.)

    Three other "Best in Show" winners will be selected from Instagram for creativity, merit, and laughs. Tag @pickybars and #PickyPentathlon.

    Winners will get a $50 pickybars.com gift card!

    * Identity or biology



    • SUBMIT YOUR SCORES HERE. It'll populate to the live leaderboard below! (hopefully)
    • Share clips of your event(s) on Instagram - stories or posts - by tagging @pickybars and #PickyPentathlon 

    Deadline to enter is noon PDT on Friday 7/31.



    View the current standings below. Score is totaled by the super complicated and robust formula below:

    [ (feet of javelin) + (feet of shot put) + (2 x Picky Bars Jumped) + (50 - Dash Seconds) + (120 - Hoover Seconds) ] x 4

    So basically 1000 is close to "perfect" score.

    *NOTE* - Leaderboard refreshes every 15 min or so, check back after inputting your score to see where you rank!


    We'll be announcing winners soon!