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45: Alysia Montaño, Marathon Training, Goals

May 28, 2019

45: Alysia Montaño, Marathon Training, Goals

Juggling work-life balance can be a real three-ring circus, which Lauren & Jesse know first hand. Led by listener questions, the Work, Play, Love Podcast is all about sports, biz, and family. [ASK YOUR QUESTION]

45: Alysia Montaño, Beginner Marathon Training, Balancing Individual Goals In A Partnership

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What does it mean to step up at work, in sports, and in relationships? What does it take? Lauren and Jesse share their feelings about the rapidly developing story of former Nike athlete Alysia Montaño, who was recently featured in the New York Times speaking out against industry sponsors and their (lack of) maternity leave policies. They also talk about stepping up to a marathon after you’ve run a few halves, and stepping up to support your partner’s goals, even if it means temporarily sacrificing your own.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Global Running Day: a day where people around the world pledge to move their bodies. Celebrate running and movement with Jesse and Lauren! Pledge to run a mile (or more) on June 5. Pledge here: https://globalrunningday.org/workplaylove

What's Goin' Onnnn?!

Lauren’s pumped to be hosting her first Wilder Lab. She talks about how she’s feeling heading into the retreat and what she’s looking forward to. Lauren also gets real about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and talks about how balancing work, play, and love can make it hard to remember self-care basics like sleep and a healthy diet.

Tasty Bites

10:47 - Jesse’s fresh back from being a guest on the Rich Roll podcast where he talks about working hard, playing harder, and loving the hardest. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for you, get ready for the newest addition to the Picky Granola family, Sassy Molassy. This spicy and sweet flavor explosion was developed in part by Elyse Kopecky of Run Fast. Eat Slow – it’s awesome! Check it out.

 In other news, Picky Bars is searching for a new Director of Sales. If you or if someone you know might be a good fit, check out the job listing here. Plus, Jesse gives an update about financing for Picky Bars.


19:50 - How do podcast rankings and ratings work? Should I rate each episode with stars or is it one and done?

There’s a bit of mystery around podcast rankings and ratings. Some Podcast platforms feature shows based on content. Other platforms factor ratings into their search and ranking algorithms. Some platforms don’t even offer the opportunity to rate a show. But regardless of the platform, ratings and written reviews do help potential listeners get a sense of how the current audience feels about the show.

What’s helpful is a star rating and one written review for the show! It’s a one and done thing; you don’t need to rate individual episodes. If you want to go the extra mile, you could rate the podcast on each platform you listen to podcasts—like iTunes and Stitcher for example—IF you happen to listen to the podcast on multiple platforms.

21:46 - Does Lauren ever think about coming out of retirement as a pro? Does she have regrets about having retired?

Lauren doesn’t have regrets about being retired, and she’s not thinking about coming out of retirement! On the show, she discusses her thoughts on retirement and how running fits into her life now. She also shares a few running goals she has considered recently.

25:38 - What your thoughts are on CBD products for athletes? Do you think they’re beneficial to recovery, injury prevention, healing, etc.?

CBD products probably have benefits for athletes, but they aren’t a cure-all, “silver bullet” solution that marketers might have you believe. When it comes to food products and trends—maintain a healthy sense of skepticism, and do your own research to help make the decisions that are right for you.

27:11 - How do you run with just one Run XT earbud in, and is it easy to do?

It’s easy to run with just one Jaybird Run XT wireless sport earbud. The right-hand earbud is the “master” earbud. It pairs to your phone or media player first, and the left-hand earbud pairs to the right. So to run with one earbud, simply power on and pair the headphones using the right-hand earbud, then choose the one you’d like to run with, and slip the other in your pocket.

Am I over-reacting to the safety risks—either on trails or on streets—of running with two earbuds in?

Not at all! Running with one earbud in is a smart and safe choice, especially if you’re in an area that has a lot of traffic. This is a personal preference, so do what makes you feel good.

29:46 - Is Runner’s PTSD is a real thing? If so, how do you get over it?

PTSD symptoms can arise from any kind of traumatic experience, so it can absolutely be something that affects running. The best thing to do if you think you may be experiencing PTSD is to see a medical professional.

33:16 – The Meat and Potatoes

How did you react to seeing theAlysia Montaño story in the New York Times? Do you have any comments on the latest developments with Nike et al. following her story being published?

Seeing a fellow professional track and field woman be so outspoken, bold, and brave in bringing this issue to the world—andseeing a media outlet like the NYT step up and report on this in a comprehensive way is really powerful. Lauren and Jesse discuss this rapidly developing story. They share thoughts about pregnancy and sport, about the relationship between sports and media, and how these policies should change to benefit the athletes, their families, and their sponsors.

Resources: A follow-up article in Sports Illustrated

42:44 - What are some tips and tricks for building a good base fitness for running a marathon?

A listener writes in to ask about training for their first marathon (congrats!). They’ve run a few halves and they’re wondering how to build up to a marathon without risking injury. Is running 25 miles a week enough? Should they do cross training? Should they prioritize strength training or cardio? What’s a good plan for long-run days? Lauren and Jesse offer up these helpful tips:

  • Yes, you can train for a marathon with low miles
  • Get a Physical Therapy evaluation to check your core, hip, and feet strength
  • Use PT exercises to start, and then check out YouTube for additional exercises
  • Strength training – 15m twice a week for your core and hips—nothing fancy
  • Cross-training, like biking and swimming, goes a long way in building fitness
  • Some strength training is good, but prioritize cardio ftw
  • Break up long runs into two runs in a day—12mi. in the morning and 8mi. in the evening type thing
  • Check out a marathon training book—they’re inexpensive and provide a ton a value


    42:44 - My partner and I recently graduated college, and we’re getting married next year. We were collegiate runners and my partner recently confided in me that they aspire to continue running at an elite level, including trying for the Olympic Trials next year. As supportive as I am of their dreams and goals, I also am concerned about the practicality of the situation. Aside from getting married next year, we both work full time jobs, and I’d like to spend quality time with them. Any advice on supporting a significant other when you aren’t quite so sure about it?

    While it can be a challenge to support your partner as they pursue a big goal, it’s important to remember that you have an exciting and long life to look forward together—a marathon, not a sprint. Supporting your partner now—especially if they have a set time window to achieve their goal—can prevent resentments building in the future. That doesn’t mean you need to completely sacrifice your own feelings. Here are some tips:

    • Be clear in your support of your partner, but also be honest about your needs
    • Share how their goal affects you
    • Discuss how you see yourself ideally spending time with your partner
    • Commit to spending quality time together after their event
    • Set the tone for when the tables are turned, and you’re chasing your own dream ;)

    55:54 – Follow-Ups

    Peeing while running

    Today’s follow-ups include some advice from an ultra-marathoner about peeing while racing. The pro tip? Ultra runners stop to pee.

    What to do with your old trophies.

    Another listener wrote in about what to do with your old medals and trophies. They suggest checking out Medals 4 Mettle: an organization that takes your medals and awards them to children and adults battling cancer, chronic illness, trauma, and other life challenges.

    On leaving work early.

    In response to the question about whether it’s cool to leave work early, a listener writes in to share that when they’ve requested to leave work early to pursue athletic goals, they’ve been met with consistent understanding and encouragement from managers over the past few years.

    On parental division of labor.

    A parent weighs in on dividing the labor and balancing personal goals with raising your family. They suggest communicating what the responsibilities are and be willing to re-visit the conversation often to make changes. They also recommend letting your partner take responsibility for their own needs (getting enough sleep, etc.) and suggest that you’re not sticking your partner with a cranky baby. Instead, you’re giving your partner the opportunity to learn how to comfort your baby, and you’re giving the baby the benefit of a strong, nurturing relationship with both parents.

    On post-baby running.

    A new parent writes in to say they had success following Lauren’s advice of “meeting myself where I am” in a recent half marathon. They had their first post-baby PR, and beat a 2016 race time on the same course by three minutes! 

    Training with cancer.

    An exercise physiologist writes in to recommend working with an ACSM Exercise Specialist with a cancer certification. They say: someone who specializes in this area can be a great resource for navigating the nuances of training through cancer-- even if its just by phone, but hopefully you can find a good match in your area.Check out the ACSM ProFinder online tool.

    Another listener writes in and recommends following the story of Olympian Kikkan Randall for inspiration.

    As always, submit your work/play/love question at pickybars.com/workplaylove - Thanks for listening!



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