Episode 7: The Work, Play, Love Podcast

May 22, 2018

Episode 7: The Work, Play, Love Podcast

Remember that time Lauren and Jesse got real about their tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship and how Jesse was more nervous for a small, local race than he was for Kona? Or when Lauren admitted that sometimes a postpartum workout meant walking to the park and sitting on a bench in her running clothes? Or when they doled out some tough love about excuses and fear, not time, being what's holding you back from that project? No? Well that's because it happened in this week's Work, Play, Love episode. Listen in below! 

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Episode 7: To Our Younger, On-again, Off-again, Pre-and-postpartum, Creative Selves

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If this week’s What’s Going On?! segment were a Friends episode, it’d be titled, “The One Where Jesse’s More Nervous for PPP than Kona.” He and Lauren recap their perspective Pole, Pedal, Paddle races - spoiler: they both rocked it - and the super secret Picky Bars conference call they just took from the living room - spoiler: it’s a secret - before diving into these listener-instigated topics: 

  • Lessons for your younger self
  • Training during and after pregnancy
  • On-again, off-again relationships
  • Making time/motivation/courage to do hard stuff

Thinking big picture and not getting too wrapped up with the big-ness of a picture bookend the conversation in this episode. Some sage advice to their younger athletic selves translates into (very much in hindsight) lessons learned about themselves during their on-again, off-again relationship, including how they knew it was time to be together for real. Lauren divulges about the importance of not minimizing someone’s concern over exercising while pregnant nor the reality that it took a while to feel “like her” again, and Jesse shares his advice for supporting a postpartum partner. They finish with a proverbial snowball about making time for creative projects you might be putting off, which - shocker - applies to working out as well. Enjoy!


“The Sky is Made of PB&J” (a.k.a. Get your head right for race day, parenting issues, nutrition, and bucket lists) 

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Lauren and Jesse's pre- Pole, Pedal, Paddle (The "Bend World Championships"!) chat is a primo segue into a listener question about getting into a good headspace for race day. They continue on to address co-parenting communication, society’s obsession with diet trends (and the frustrations it poses both as athletes and food business owners), and how well they’ve stayed the path on their younger selves’ life plan. Spoiler: Jesse has a spreadsheet for that. 


Wild Wildflower, the Intersection of Work-Play-Love at its Finest (& Ugliest) 

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This episode covers the whole spectrum of work-play-love, with talks about mental health, physical health, body, and brain. Jesse discusses his feelings about his first second place finish at Wildflower and what it's like having the whole damn family in tow for a big race. Listener questions bring up topics like injury prevention, confidence and disordered eating issues, and the educational and in intuitive balance needed to run a small business.


Training Together, Taking it to the Next Level, and Having Employees

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Race season's right around the corner - On top of Jesse's thoughts going into Wildflower #7 he and Lauren answer questions about their relationship with exercising together, what makes a good coach, how to know when it's time to consider a move to the next step, and what they call the hardest part of business: hiring and having employees.


Buzzing From Desi 

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It's Boston Marathon morning, which has Lauren and Jesse buzzing after Des Linden’s big win. Topics discussed in this episode include managing projects and to do lists, finding rhythm after a break, parent guilt, and the idea of Picky bringing on investors. Finally, the importance of being more than "just an athlete."


Quality Time, Getting Sponsors, Hiring People, Workplace Healthcare

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Lauren and Jesse let their listeners in on the amazing secret benefits of... Dinner and a Movie! Other topics include adding value outside of performance while pursuing athletic sponsorship, and some the entrepreneurial processes around HR things like hiring, healthcare, and workplace culture.


Making Time, Encouraging Kids, Modifying Training, Your Biz's "Done" Line

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Lauren and Jesse come out of the podcast gates hot with everything from setting work/life boundaries to the value of sports pursuit as a child in their debut episode. Sage wisdom and dad jokes ensue.


The Intro

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"Because that's just what the world needs -- another podcast!"

What Lauren and Jesse - the married couple behind Picky Bars, two professional athletic careers, and two kids - really wanted was a way to connect with other folks juggling all of life's craziness while pursuing their passions. It's a real three-ring circus sometimes, but that's what makes it fun, right?!

Guided by listener-submitted questions, each episode will feature candid, unrehearsed conversation about all things sports, business, family, and the sometimes dizzying struggle of keeping balance between them. Also a heavy dose of dad jokes and bad puns, because that's how Jesse rolls.


Send your question about sport, biz, family, or a combination of all three to Lauren and Jesse HERE 



A two-time USA 5K champ and five-time NCAA champ, Lauren held a seat at the head of the American distance running table from high school all the way through her professional career with Nike and Oiselle. Now retired from pro running, Lauren's known for her writing, coaching, and advocacy for sport, as well as being a mom of two and CMO for Picky Bars. She's full of sage advice and a quirky sense of humor, as well as a not-so-hidden musical talent and love of baked goods.


Between four hour training rides and riding the tandem to preschool pickup, swimming laps and wading in a pool of financial data, running marathons and running home for date night, Jesse's got the pro triathlete/CEO/husband/dad thing going on full force. A two-time Ironman champion and Kona finisher, Jesse's a firm believer in keeping healthy work-life balance whether it's peak training season or off-season, including making time for a beer (or two) at the end of the day.

CONTACT LAUREN & JESSE: workplaylove@pickybars.com

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