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54: Athletes + Politics, High Mileage for Youth

August 19, 2019

54: Athletes + Politics, High Mileage for Youth

Juggling work-life balance can be a real three-ring circus, which Lauren & Jesse know first hand. Led by listener questions, the Work, Play, Love Podcast is all about sports, biz, and family. [ASK YOUR QUESTION]

54: Athletes And Politics, High Mileage for Young Runners, Battling Injuries, Pros and Cons of Sales

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Sometimes you gotta unplug to recharge so you can come back to work, play, and love on your A-game. That’s just what the Flomas duo did over the past few weeks. Fresh back from a lake vacay with family and friends, Jesse and Lauren share their reflections about getting away from technology and spending some much-needed quality time with people they love. They also talk about athletes making political statements, whether high mileage is a good idea for young runners, and how to battle injuries as an aging athlete.

What’s goin’ on?!!

Lauren and Jesse are feeling refreshed after one of the best family vacays they’ve ever had. Jesse talks about what it’s like to watch your kids grow and evolve and how that made the time with family particularly awesome. He also gives an injury update and talks about expectations after surgery.

As soon as she landed in Bend, Lauren had to turn right back around and head to Boston where she taped an episode of Brandwagon (her episode airs 9/17). She talks about the show and it gave her some fun ways to think about her career and brand. She also gives a coaching update and Lauren and Jesse talk about the importance of stepping back and assessing where you are in work, play, and love so you can evaluate, adjust expectations, set new goals, and make a plan to move forward.

Here are some other notable links from today’s episode! 

Tasty Bites

23:32 -Have you ever considered doing live podcast shows?

We have and we’re going to do one! On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, you can find us at FootZone in Bend, OR. We’re having a podcast party with the Another Mother Runner podcast. Sarah Bowen Shea (SBS) will interview Jesse and Lauren, and they’ll answer some questions together! If you’ve got some questions for the live show, be sure to send them our way.

Work Play Love / AnotherMotherRunner Podcast Party: Learn more about the event here

25:12 - What’s the deal with two-a-days in long course triathlon training? Can I just do longer single sessions or do I really have to break them up? 

There are benefits to doing double days, and it’s good to touch on multiple sports within a day, but you can absolutely do longer single sessions. You don’t need to break them up! One thing to consider is trying a double workout within a single workout, like a 30-40 minute bike ride followed by a 20-30 minute treadmill run. 

26:53 - Have either of you ever trained with yourself or coached an athlete with mental health challenges or mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc)? If so, how do you plan training, adjust workouts, or otherwise accommodate that condition?

Lauren talks about how she trained while struggling with post-partum depression. She also talks about working with athletes who have experienced anxiety and depression. Experiencing mental health challenges as an athlete is super common. And one of the best things you can do for yourself is include a mental health professional on your team and work with your coach to implement your mental health professional’s advice into your training plan. Lauren shares some of the ways she has done this with her athletes.

28:46 - For easy run days, how slow is too slow? Is there a benefit to running them faster?

Easy run days are really important for your training and are essential for supporting your bigger workouts. So guess what. There’s no “too slow.” Make sure to take those easy days reallyeasy. 

31:43 - When you run a 20%- or 30%-off or “free shipping,” or whatever sale, what are the benefits to the company versus eating the cost from that sale?

You can definitely “over sale” things, which can have some negative effects on your business, like training your customers to buy only when things are on sale. Lauren and Jesse offer their philosophy on sales, and here are some pro tips:

  • Sales can be a great way to reward your loyal customers
  • But they’re also great for attracting new customers to your business
  • Price your products with a sales strategy in mind, so sales don’t affect your bottom line as much
  • Consider running sales on just your most popular products, or on a curated set of products rather than “site-wide” 

35:31 - Lauren, do you only coach professionals or do you coach “average” athletes also?

Lauren’s coaching roster is pretty short and pretty full! She works with her Little Wing athletes and coaches a few friends. But with all of the other projects she’s juggling, that’s it for now! (Unless you want to pay her…one meeeelllliiionnnnn dollars!)

Meat & Potatoes

36:38 -What’s your thought on athletes taking stands on politics, issues, etc.?

A scathing review of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) was recently posted in the Washington Post, and a listener writes in to ask about Jesse’s and Lauren’s views on athletes making political statements. Your favorite WPL hosts talk about athletes and politics. The bottom line? Being famous as an athlete is no different than being a famous musician or an actor or a politician. If you’ve got a platform and something you feel passionate about? Use it. It’s a good thing to speak out when people are listening. Not doing so is a missed opportunity. Tune in to hear more thoughts from Lauren and Jesse on political statements in sport.

44:36 - What do you think of high mileage for young runners?

Another listener writes in referencing this article from Runner’s World that profiles a 14 year-old athlete who is training up to 60 miles per week. They want to know if that sort of training plan for a young athlete is advisable. Lauren says that not all long-mile training is the same, and so she can’t offer a blanket “this is fine” or “this is bad” type of statement. But here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Young runners who have not gone through puberty need to be aware of the long-term risks that intense athletic training can have on their bodies, like decreased bone-density and a delay in having a period
  • Make sure you have a good team of responsible adults overseeing your training
  • High mileage early in your career can cause burnout, a phenomenon backed up by data! Check out Range by David Epstein for more info on this 

Check out the response to the article in a recent edition of the Fast Women Newsletter.

48:12 - I’m an experienced runner, but I keep getting injured. It’s making me question everything from my gait to my form and my shoes. Any advice to help keep my head up in the face of persistent injuries?

Having a good relationship with a physical therapist is essential when you’re injured. And what’s more, you gotta do those exercises. When you’re younger, it’s possible that you can recover faster without doing PT exercises. But as you get older, you really need to do them! As far as keeping your head up. Consider going out for less demanding events and cross training. If you’re on a marathon tract, consider training for a half or a 10k. Instead of running every day of the week, find something that can provide a fun mental and physical challenge like swimming or rock climbing that can take the place of running. As you age, injury prone-ness is a reality. Be accepting of that fact and be easy with yourself in the process.


        54:23 –A listener writes in with a story about someone commenting on body image and eating habits. They double down on the WPL philosophy that a consistent B+ diet that’s sustainable is A-OK.

        56:52 - In response to Jesse’s solo parenting anecdote from ep 53. A listener writes in about their own kid who gets…lost in their own thoughts from time to time. To keep their kids on track, they listen to the Chomperspodcast at bedtime to keep the kids engaged and ready for bed.

        57:44 - This follow up is for to the listener who asked about quitting their passion job to hang out at a “cushy” startup so they can free up time for play (episode 53). An audience member suggests interviewing folks to see if the grass really is greener on the other side…

        58:20 - A listener says Jesse had it right wearing a nose clip while whitewater kayaking. Brain-eating amoeba danger is real. 

        58:55 - In episode 52, a correspondent asked how they could get their significant other to “put a ring on it.” This follow-upper recommends checking out this article and having a deep chat with your partner about how they feel about proposals and marriage.

        59:46 - A nutritionist writes in for the correspondent in ep. 53 who has been feeling “puffy.” They say that low protein intake can contribute to puffiness, but agree that talking to a doctor is the way to go.


        As always, submit your work/play/love question at pickybars.com/workplaylove - Thanks for listening!



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