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Lifepoints Adventure Grants: Mystery Trip

April 26, 2018

Lifepoints Adventure Grants: Mystery Trip

For the past two editions of Lifepoints Adventure Grants we asked, “what’s holding you back from doing that thing you want to do?” Cash stipends helped bring reality to #vanlife trips, volunteer missions, mother-daughter weekends, a community paddle project, and even a K9 Search and Rescue training trip. It was awesome.

But this year, oh well we just got a little tired of the "let us help pay for something" move. Not very creative, is it? So instead of throwing a twenty in your birthday card this year we're going shopping for a thoughtful, personal gift.

And the best gifts? They're total surprises.

We want to get people out of their comfort zone and do something or go somewhere they otherwise wouldn’t. So we're sending three winners on weekend getaways of OUR choosing. This year’s Adventure Grant Mystery Trips are the ultimate lifepoints you never knew you wanted.

Here's how it's gonna work:

  • Apply below! You'll need to submit a short video (no production skills required - selfie mode on your phone will do just fine!) telling us why we should choose you. Deadline to apply: May 11th
  • On May 18th we'll pick three (3) applicants who seem like they either 1) really need a trip away or 2) really need to learn to let go and be a little more spontaneous
  • Winners will choose one of these three weekends for their trip: June 23-24, July 21-22, Aug 4-5
  • A week before departure we'll send flight and destination info
  • Winners will spend Saturday and Sunday exploring their mystery destination in their own way - however they choose to best soak in the experience!

Destinations will be chosen specifically for each winner based on coolness, suitability to their favorite activities, flight availability, and geography (no time for a cross country flight!) Winners will be responsible for filling the rest of the itinerary (other than lodging – we got that covered) with whatever fun they want. Seeking out the best trails, eats, sights, or scenes. Chatting with the locals or being totally secluded. Sweating from plane door to plane door or soaking things up at a slower pace. There are no rules or agendas! Whatever’s gonna float the boat. (Maybe there’s some boating…?)

Are you ready to say yes? To getting wild, to leaping before looking, to the ultimate adventure?

THAT’S THE SPIRIT! Now get in there.

Rules, T&Cs, and nitty gritty at bottom of page


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Applicants must be available and willing to travel one of the listed weekends, and willing to go wherever we choose! They must be within three hours of a major airport and willing/able to get there on a Saturday morning. (airport transport not included) Winners will receive round-trip airfare (out Sat AM, in Sun PM) for one (1) and one night accommodation, which will be booked by Picky and communicated to within one week of departure. Winners will also receive a cash card for $100 to cover miscellaneous expenses at their discretion and a full package of Picky Bars products valued at over $100. Winners will be responsible for providing a written recap with photos in a timely manner that we will share on The Scoop. U.S. residents only, sorry! Full, official, lawyer-made-us-do-it terms/conditions/rules.