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Lifepoints Adventure Grant

June 09, 2016

picky bars lifepoints adventure grant

You know what one of our favorite parts of the work day is? It’s not taste-tests, or new product deliveries, or watching Mike play pop-a-shot. It’s scrolling through the #lifepoints feed and seeing all of your wish-we-were-there-right-now’ing photos. Knowing y’all are out there getting after it fuels our fire, and we love you for it.

But it got us thinking – what might be holding you back from having the adventure of your dreams?? Or taking your regular everyday excursion up a couple notches? Is it money, or time, or just drumming up the guts to go freaking do it?

Well if it’s the former, maybe we can help. (The guts are on you – you got this.)

Dreamt up on a nature-cation of our own, we present to you the Picky Bars Lifepoints Adventure Grant.

lifepoints adventure grant trio

  • What: Three! (3) $1500 grants in cash, gift cards, and/or gear to fuel your next #lifepoints adventure (apply for one)
    • Urban to Outdoors – Break free of the concrete jungle and get your nature on.
    • City Fix – Tour the town, see a show, go on one of those amphibious duck tours
    • Open Adventure – Whatever you think of! Let your imagination (and legs) run wild.
  • Why: Because we want to Fuel Your Great Experiences and pay forward some booyah.
  • How to Apply: Submit below by June 20th (Application can also be found HERE)
  • When you find out: We’ll select and announce by July 9

Tell us in the application below what your dream trip would look like, and what’s holding you back. Whether it’s investing in the gear, taking the time off work, or filling the gas tank, you could win one of the Lifepoints Adventure Grants to make it happen.

All we ask if you win is that you live it up (and let us live vicariously through you, of course.)

Interested? (Of course you are.) Apply Below!

Closes June 20th at midnight. Official Rules.

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