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Angela’s Smooth Caff Love Bites

February 13, 2015

caffeinated energy bar

Angela’s at it again, bringing a whole new meaning to “Mocha Madness” and offering up a little Valentine love from her kitchen. (Which lucky for us, means love in the office the next day.) Throw together these decadent little treats for your coffee loving sweetie, or keep a batch on hand for those chocolate cravings a regular old Picky Bar can’t battle on its own.

Bonus points: They pair ridiculously well with a rich, dark stout. BEER AND CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR BELLY AND YOUR HEART, YOU’RE WELCOME.

mocha madness love

Angela’s Chocolate Dipped Smooth Caff Love Bites

(yields one dozen bites) 

2 – Smooth Caffeinator Picky Bars

36 – Whole coffee beans (I used French Roast Stumptown)

A big handful of chocolate chips for melting (I used Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate chips)

Silicone mat, non-stick baking sheet, or wax paper

* * *

Unwrap and roll out your Smooth Caffs so they’re nice and thin – I used an empty beer bottle, which provided a nice accompaniment to the chocolate chips I snuck during the process. Cut each bar into six even squares, 12 total.

Place three coffee beans in the middle of each square (fewer if you don’t want as extreme a coffee taste) and roll them up in a nice little picky blanket ball.

Dump the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl and nuke them, stopping to stir every 30ish seconds so it doesn’t burn, until smooth and lump-free.

Coat each Picky blanket ball fully with chocolate goodness, set on your non-stick surface of choice to dry. Pop them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to harden, preferably overnight (if you have the patience and willpower)

Enjoy! Share with your lover bug, favorite coffee-obsessed friend, or bring to work if you want to be everyone’s new favorite coworker.