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Running Drills by Coach Steph Bruce

March 11, 2015

Whether you're a beginner or a season vet, adding a few minutes of form-focused exercises before or after your workout will hugely benefit your running! These drills and strides for runners were created by pro marathoner and running coach Steph Bruce for our Half Marathon for Noobs series, but can be used for anyone running any distance!


Half Marathon for Noobs supplement

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Drills: When you're thinking about drills, you're thinking about improving your form for injury prevention and to make you better at running. I would suggest choosing a few drills in the following list:

  1. Arm Swings- skip 20-30 meters while swinging your arms in circles forward and backwards
  2. High Knee- bring your foot up to just below your hips while driving your knees in the air. 20-30 meters. Alternate left/right while as you go.
  3. Butt kicks- similar to high knees but bring your foot back to slightly kick your butt. 20-30 meters. Keep upright posture and alternate left/right leg as you go.
  4. A/B skip- bring your knee up to 90 degrees and skip down the 20-30 meters. Knee up, pop back down to the ground and repeat.

VIDEO: Steph's Running Drills

Strides: Work on fast relax running while doing 75-100m sprints where you are speeding up as you go, and working on good form.