Brian Reynolds, Distance Runner

February 28, 2019

Brian Reynolds, Distance Runner

After hours of reviewing and discussing and painful consideration, we've made our selection for this year's Feed the Dream grant winner. For this edition we offered cash, food, and other support sponsorship to an athlete competing with a disability at the elite level. We took their goals, race plans, and needs into consideration, and looked for someone who fit the "work hard, play hard" vibe we live by here at HQ. We didn't just want to feed and bankroll someone, we wanted someone whose year could be positively impacted by the program and who we'd love to rally around cheering for as they chase their big dreams!

And so, without further ado...

*Drumroll please*

Introducing Brian Reynolds,

our 2019 Feed the Dream athlete!


Brian is a double amputee marathon runner - a 3x world record setting marathoner, to be exact - and is currently chasing down a goal of a sub-3 hour marathon, a feat no double amputee runner has ever accomplished!

At a young age Brian contracted a rare form of meningitis and had to have both legs amputated. It was a long journey getting to where he is now, but in the last few years he's found a home (and a ton of success) on the roads and his blades.

A husband and father of two, Brian knows the importance of balancing family life and training, and fits our credo here at Picky to a T. With his big goal of breaking three hours in the marathon this year and raising awareness for adaptive athletics, his dreams are more than worthwhile feeding.

Please join us in welcoming Brian to the Feed the Dream and Picky Bars team!

Instagram: @brianreynoldsrunner

Next upcoming race: NYC United Half Marathon 

Support Brian with a Feed the Dream T-shirt! ($15 goes straight into his athlete stipend)


Feed the Dream Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds finishing first of all amputees at the London Marathon

Feed the Dream Brian Reynolds marathoner

$15 from every Feed the Dream t-shirt goes directly towards the athlete Competition Costs Stipend. Help us feed Brian's dream!

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