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Fall Recipe: Doughp Apple Crisp

October 13, 2015

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Since we don’t have any pumpkin Picky Bars to offer you Fallmongers, we headed out to our local farmers market to see what autumnal flavors we might be able to whip into something in the Picky kitchen. What’d we come up with? An easy peasy, lemon apple squeezey warm cinnamon treat that 3 out of 3 people agreed is totally doughp.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

* TV timeout: We’re talking about our tiny sink/microwave/fridge kitchen at HQ, not the proper kitchen Lauren makes test bars in, or the commercial kitchen in Spokane where our bars are made. More on those kitchens later… *

fall recipe picky bars doughp apple market fall recipe picky bars doughp apple

Doughp Apple Crisp

Serves two, maybe, but honestly, probably just one.


  • 1 large apple, diced (we used honeycrisp)
  • 1 Cookie Doughpness Picky Bar, diced
  • Cinnamon
  • 2 Microwave-safe cups or mugs (Silipint, whaddup!)
    • optional: Granola and/or ice cream for topping


Dice up your apple, and split between the two cup/mugs. Sprinkle with a teensy bit of water and as much cinnamon as you think you’ll like. Microwave for :45 seconds, or until slightly soft. Resist attempting the cinnamon challenge while you wait.

fall recipe picky bars doughp apple slice fall recipe picky bars doughp apple silipint

Remove from microwave, take a big huff of that cinnamon’y fall goodness, and dice up your Cookie Doughpness into similar sized pieces as your apple. Split the pieces between the two mug/cups, and stick back in the microwave for :45 more seconds.

fall recipe picky bars doughp apple chop barpicky recipe fall doughp apple microwave

Stir, stir… If the bar pieces don’t melt down and become an oatmeal-like consistency, microwave for :15 sec at a time until it does.

Top with granola, ice cream, or whipped cream if your heart desires, and dig in!

Note: Ain’t no one gonna judge you if you keep both those cups to yourself. We just found two servings was the easiest way to cook down the ingredients effectively… plus those Silipint Shorties were just begging to be filled with some dessert’y goodness.

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